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It's a Wild World

Created by iamtheotaku

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Animal Crossing: Wild World
Its a Wild World game quiz
"This quiz is about "Animal Crossing: Wild World" for the Nintendo DS. The topic is Special Characters! If you like to read the interesting information section, you might find a few spoilers!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many different special characters can the slingshot shoot?
    Answer: (A number)

2. How much money do you need to join Crazy Redd's?
    1,000 bells
    9,999,999 bells, until he loses in a big bet, which causes the price to be only 2,000 bells
    5,000 bells
    3,000 bells

3. Between carpet and wallpaper, which does Saharah give to you in return of doing deliveries for her?
    only carpet
    both of them
    only wallpaper
    neither of them

4. When does Harriet come to your town?
    Once all of your debts have been paid off
    She's not even real
    Once Nookington's is open
    The third week of a random month

5. Which of these special characters were in both "Animal Crossing" and "Animal Crossing: Wild World"?

6. Which of these music titles is not a real tune by K.K. Slider?
    Through The Years
    Marine Song 2001

7. How many different items can you receive from the Kaitlin and Katie?
    Answer: (A number)

8. How many choices are there for Lyle's first question?
    Answer: (A number)

9. What is Mable's constellation meant to look like?
    Tom Nook's face
    Tom Nook

10. What type of vegetable does Joan call you in her phrase?

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Compiled Jun 28 12