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Great Composers: Mozart

Created by 57wordsmith

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mozart
Great Composers Mozart game quiz
"Mozart, boy wonder, composer, musician, and a man who was buried in a pauper's grave. Test your knowledge and learn about this "noteworthy" musicial legend."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Leopold Mozart, concertmaster of the court orchestra, came home from church with a friend and found his young son busily writing at his desk. He was at first stern with the boy who had used his ink and paper. Upon examination of the paper he was amazed to discover that five year old Wolfgang had created what form of music?
    a concerto
    a symphony
    a minuet
    an opera

2. At what age was Mozart considered an accomplished pianist?

3. Leopold could see his son was more talented than he initially thought and decided to take his children on a tour to showcase their talents. Who was Wolgang's sibling that was part of the musical protégée tour?
    His younger brother, Franz
    His older brother, Jonathan
    His younger sister, Eloise
    His older sister, Nannerl

4. While on tour the Empress Maria Teresa asked them to play at the palace in Vienna. When they were introduced to court what did Mozart do that shocked those in attendance but caused the Empress to simply laugh in amusement?
    Mozart curtsied instead of bowing
    Mozart began crying hysterically from stagefright
    Mozart climbed into her lap and gave her a kiss
    Mozart said the Empress was not very pretty

5. The tour proved quite successful, so after a period of rest Leopold took his children on another musical tour. In 1769 they arrived in Italy. What honor did the Pope confer upon Mozart?
    The Golden Spur"
    "The Silver Chalice"
    "Composer of the Year"
    "Royal Composer"

6. Although this tour was just as successful, the Mozarts returned home since Wolfgang needed to begin the position that the Archbishop had appointed him. What was Wolfgang Mozart's first job?
    Musical Director of the City's Cathedral
    Concertmaster and Conductor of the Chapel Orchestra
    Choir Director
    Instructor of all church musicians

7. Mozart went on concert tours while on leave from his position. He traveled with his mother this time and when they stopped in Manheim he met a beautiful singer. What was this woman's name that had captured Mozart's heart?

8. Mozart returned to his former position, but did not stay long. He returned to Vienna, only to find his true love had married another. In a rebound move Mozart turned to what woman to woo as his wife?
    his former love's younger sister
    his former love's best friend
    his former love's cousin
    his former love's older sister

9. Mozart was now a family man. In order to support his young family he kept up his prolific zeal with teaching, composing, and playing. During this period which opera did Mozart create that the Viennese crowd did not receive with enthusiasm, although it was received well in Prague?
    "La clemenzadi Tito"
    "The Magic Flute"
    "The Marriage of Figaro"
    "Don Giovanni"

10. Mozart was struggling financially, and commissions were not coming in for his music. So when a mysterious stranger clad in black came to Mozart one night and commissioned a mass requiem (a funeral song) for 100 ducats, Mozart agreed. It proved to be the last thing Mozart wrote. How old was Mozart when he died?

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