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Tennessee Titans 2005

Created by mrbondskin

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Tennessee Titans 2005 game quiz
"How well do you remember the specific ups and downs of the Titans' 2005 season? Take this quiz to test your NFL memories of 2005."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who started the season as the Tennessee Titans' head coach?
    Bum Phillips
    Norm Chow
    Jeff Fisher
    Adam Jones

2. Which player started at quarterback for the first game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh?
    Answer: (Two words or just surname. He wore the jersey number 9)

3. Which player led the team in total rushing yards?
    Travis Henry with 651 yards
    Travis Henry with 789 yards
    Chris Brown with 851 yards
    Chris Brown with 1,001 yards

4. How many players on the 2005 Titans' roster previously attended Tennessee colleges or universities?

5. Which player from Georgia Southern University led the team in scoring?
    Chris Brown
    Ben Troupe
    Drew Bennett
    Rob Bironas

6. Against which opponent did quarterback Steve McNair have his best statistical game?
    Baltimore Ravens
    Seattle Seahawks
    San Francisco 49ers
    Houston Texans

7. In terms of point differential, which team handed the Titans their worst loss of the season?
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Cincinnati Bengals

8. On the Titans' 2005 roster, who had the most years experience in the National Football League?
    Benji Olson
    Bruce Matthews
    Steve McNair
    Brad Hopkins

9. Which player led the team in most receiving yards in the season?
    Ben Troupe
    Drew Bennett
    Derrick Mason
    Erron Kinney

10. What was Tennessee's home record for the 2005 regular season?
    5 wins, 3 losses
    2 wins, 6 losses
    3 wins, 5 losses
    4 wins, 4 losses

11. Which player for the Titans had the best passer completion percentage in the 2005 season?
    Craig Hentrich
    Billy Volek
    Steve McNair
    Matt Mauch

12. Who led the team with 12.5 sacks on the season, which was 4th best in the NFL?
    Kyle Vanden Bosch
    Keith Bulluck
    Travis LaBoy
    Kevin Carter

13. In how many of the 16 regular season games did the Tennessee Titans have the lead at some point?

14. Though not an official NFL statistic, tackling is obviously a huge factor in winning and losing games. Which player led the team in total tackles (including assists) for the season?
    Keith Bulluck - 138
    Lamont Thompson - 80
    Keith Bulluck - 169
    Kyle Vanden Bosch - 99

15. Technically, every home game was a sellout for the Titans in spite of the lack of attendance during the season. What was the maximum attendance number for a single-game Coliseum sellout in Nashville, Tennessee in 2005?

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