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Crazy Job Descriptions

Created by ravenskye

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Crazy Job Descriptions game quiz
"The following questions describe occupations. Some are more serious definitions, some not so. But all of the words end in -ing. Ready, set, go!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What occupation ending in -ing describes what Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart did for a living?
    Answer: (Begins with A, 6 letters)

2. What -ing word was Muhammad Ali famous for?
    Answer: (One Word, starts with B)

3. What job ending in -ing does Wolfgang Puck have?
    Answer: (Begins with C, 7 letters)

4. What -ing word is Greg Louganis famous for?
    Answer: (Begins with D, 6 letters)

5. What -ing word is Harry Houdini famous for?
    Answer: (Begins with E, 8 letters)

6. What -ing word is Charles Lindbergh famous for?
    Answer: (One Word - Spirit of St. Louis)

7. What word ending in -ing describes what the Cheshire Cat spends a lot of his time doing?
    Answer: (Remember he was always showing Alice his teeth!)

8. In the Dickens classic, what does Jacob Marley spend time doing? Remember, the word ends with -ing!
    Answer: (Rattle those chains! (No, rattling isn't it. Think of the standard -ing word for spirits in houses.))

9. What is Thomas Edison known for? Remember, the word ends in -ing!
    Answer: (Begins with I, 9 letters)

10. Charles Manson's -ing activity could be described using two words which mean roughly the same thing. What is one of them?
    Answer: (One word starts with K, one word starts with M)

11. What was Florence Nightingale famous for (remember it's an -ing word)?
    Answer: (Begins with N)

12. What -ing word was Claude Monet famous for?
    Answer: (Begins with P)

13. What -ing word was Dr. Seuss famous for?
    Answer: (Do you really need a clue? I don't really think you do!)

14. What did Rip Van Winkle spend A LOT of time doing? Don't forget, the word ends with -ing.
    Answer: (Don't forget it's an -ing word!)

15. What word ending in -ing describes what the Serpent was known for doing to Eve in the Garden of Eden?
    Answer: (And then Eve got Adam in trouble!)

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Compiled Sep 09 13