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Milwaukee Brewers

Created by robbieschick7

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Milwaukee Brewers game quiz
"The Milwaukee Brewers are a baseball team that has had many great players play for them. I hope you enjoy my quiz!"

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1. Who was the Brewer's first season MVP winner?
    Gorman Thomas
    Robin Yount
    Rollie Fingers
    Paul Molitor

2. In 1982, who led the Brewers in home runs?
    Robin Yount
    Cecil Cooper
    Paul Molitor
    Gorman Thomas

3. In which year did the Brewers move from the American League to the National League?

4. Who was the first Brewer to win Rookie of the Year?
    Rollie Fingers
    Robin Yount
    Pat Listach
    Paul Molitor

5. Which Brewer hit the first home run in Miller Park history?
    Geoff Jenkins
    Jeromy Burnitz
    Jeff Cirillo
    Richie Sexson

6. Who were the two people that threw the first ceremonial pitches at Miller Park?
    George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
    George Bush Jr. and Sr.
    George W. Bush and Bud Selig
    Bud Selig and Bill Clinton

7. In 1979, which Brewers players won the Gold Glove Award for their position?
    Robin Yount and Cecil Cooper
    Rollie Fingers and Cecil Cooper
    Robin Yount and Gorman Thomas
    Cecil Cooper and Sixto Lezcano

8. How many total hits did Robin Yount get in his career?

9. Who was the first Brewer to hit for the cycle?
    Robin Yount
    Jerry McNertney
    Mike Hegan
    Hank Aaron

10. Who hit the Brewers' first grand slam?
    Hank Aaron
    Jerry McNertney
    Roberto Pena
    Mike Hegan

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Compiled Jun 28 12