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Canine Musical Freestyle

Created by Wthr1

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Canine Musical Freestyle game quiz
"Canine Musical Freestyle is one of the fastest growing and most fun dog sports in America. The dogs love it, and the people love it! You too can enjoy it -just drop in and see what it's all about."

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1. What is the definition of Canine Musical Freestyle?
    A fun choreographed obedience routine performed to music with a dog and handler.
    Playing frisbee to music with your dog
    Dancing for fun with your dog on his back legs.
    An obedience pattern with music playing in the background.

2. Which of the following is *not* a national freestyle organization?
    World Canine Freestyle Organization
    Association of Musical Dogs
    Musical Dog Sport Association
    Canine Freestyle Federation

3. When performing with World Canine Freestyle Organization, what moves are banned?
    None - all moves are acceptable as long as the dog is not injured.
    Standing on their front legs - dogs are not allowed to stand on their front legs for any move due to safety reasons.
    Jumping - dogs cannot jump higher than their shoulder height in order to avoid injury to the dog.
    Backing - dogs cannot back up because they cannot see where they are going and it can cause injury to the dog if the run into a ring gate.

4. How does a dog actually dance with a person?
    By rearing on his back legs and putting his front paws in your hand.
    The dog doesn't actually dance, but responds to commands of different moves and tricks.
    By putting his front legs on your arm and moving with you.
    The dog doesn't dance and it really doesn't look like dancing either.

5. What is the primary purpose of Canine Musical Freestyle?
    To show the audience the different moves you have trained your dog.
    People became bored with other dog sports and thought this would be more fun.
    To develop and encourage your dog to learn better behavior using training and teamwork.
    To develop and encourage a stronger bond between human and dog which includes training, music and teamwork.

6. Can dogs actually step to the beat of the music?
    Yes, but only if the music is chosen to match the dog's step.
    No - dogs could never do that. Their steps are too irregular.
    Yes, they are very adept at changing their steps to match music.
    No, dogs are rarely on the beat when *dancing* with their human partner.

7. One of the most enjoyable aspects of freestyle is the ability to perform demonstrations. Where might you see a Canine Musical Freestyle demonstration?
    At an adopt -a - thon in support of a local dog rescue.
    All of these.
    At a nursing home
    At a county or state fair.

8. Which of the moves listed below are examples of what you might see in a freestyle performance?
    All of these.
    The dog and handler both spin together (in tandem).
    The dog spins but the handler continues to walk.
    The dog spins, and then continues to walk, as the handler spins separately.

9. Choice of music is very important when performing with Canine Musical Freestyle. What type of music should be used?
    Any music can be used that is not offensive. The audience must always be considered when selecting music.
    Classical music cannot be used because it is too slow, and the dog gets extremely bored.
    Rock music cannot be used because it is too hard for the dog to understand.
    County & Western cannot be used because it is too sad, and the dog cannot understand why their handler/partner is suddenly so sad.

10. What breeds of dogs are unable to perform and compete with Canine Musical Freestyle?
    Because of the variety of music and styles of performances vary, every single breed can perform freestyle and enjoy it.
    Breeds such as Basset Hounds or Chow Chows, because they are very easy going, or stubborn, and do not like to do anything their handler asks of them.
    Toy breeds cannot perform because they are so tiny and it is easy for them to get stepped on.
    Mixed breeds are able to perform, but unable to compete with Canine Musical Freestyle, as only registered dogs are allowed to compete.

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