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"Resident Evil" Characters 2

Created by k9999

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Resident Evil Characters 2 game quiz
"Hello again! Time for another round of characters from the "Resident Evil" franchise. Can you name each character by just their background story? Ten questions, have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As Bravo Team's communication officer and S.T.A.R.S.' radio and communication asset, he went with Bravo team to investigate the
strange callings in the Arklay Mountains. He was later found dead, poisoned from snake bite. Who is this S.T.A.R.S member?
    Edward Ashford
    Richard Aiken
    William Birkin
    Marvin Branagh

2. A skinny guy who worked as a subway employee in Raccoon City and was caught during the G-Virus outbreak. He is noisy and cheerful. Who is this character?
    Joseph Frost
    Jim Chapman
    George Hamilton
    Officer Flanagan

3. The pilot of Alpha Team, he has been seen in "Resident Evil 1 and 3". He was also the first person to warn Jill about a B.O.W. and ironically gets killed by it. What's the name of this pilot?
    Edward Dewey
    Brad Vickers
    Billy Coen
    Ben Burcolucci

4. The son of a Umbrella employee and Claire's fellow prisoner. He cooperated with Claire in getting off the island they were imprisoned on. What was his name?
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Steve Burnside
    Barry Burton
    Leon Kennedy

5. One of the survivors of the Spencer Mansion Incident and a brother, he swore to get revenge on Wesker and end Umbrella once and for all. Who is this character?
    Carlos Oliveira
    Kevin Ryman
    Chris Redfield
    Kenneth Sullivan

6. Umbrella's long time guinea pig, she had been concealed
by Umbrella, never to be seen in public, due to numerous research
that was done to her over the past fourteen years. Ever since Umbrella began its major experiments in 1967, she was there, a long time before Wesker and Birkins and had served Umbrella's researchers to their guinea pig. Who's this guinea pig?
    Elaine Benes
    Alexia Ashford
    Lisa Trevor
    Sherry Birkins

7. He's one of the main characters in the "Resident Evil" series and was a double agent for Umbrella Corporation. He always seems to make surprise entrances in most "Resident Evil" games. He's a playable character in The Mercenaries minigame. Who is this mysterious man?
    Ozwell Spencer
    Mark Wilkins
    Albert Wesker

8. A waitress at J's Bar in Raccoon City that was caught in the Raccoon City incident. She always seem to be very cheerful and wears a bright smile every time. Who is this character?
    Jill Valentine
    Ashley Graham
    Annette Birkins
    Cindy Lennox

9. An owner of a gun shop who was caught in the Raccoon City incident. He was on good terms with Barry Burton and worked with his brother Joe. Who is this owner?
    Robert Kendo
    David King
    Michael Warren

10. "Goodbye, Ada."
Who said this?
    Albert Wesker
    Annette Birkins
    Leon Kennedy

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Compiled Jun 28 12