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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Quake (3) folder Quest for Glory (21)
folder Radiata Stories (3) folder Rainbow Six Games (4)
folder Ratchet and Clank (109) folder Rayman Games (9)
folder Red Dead (4) folder Red Faction (4)
folder Resident Evil (89) folder Resistance (4)
folder Rhythm Heaven (2) folder Roblox (3)
folder Rock Band (17) folder Roller Coaster Tycoon Games (16)
folder Rule of Rose (2) folder Runescape (73)
folder Saga Frontier (5) folder Saints Row (6)
folder Scarface Games (2) folder Secret of Evermore (4)
folder Seiken Densetsu (Mana Series) (5) folder Shadow Hearts (4)
folder Shadow of the Colossus (2) folder Shadowgate (1)
folder Shenmue (6) folder Shin Megami Tensei Games (10)
folder Shining Force (4) folder Silent Hill Games (30)
folder Sim City (5) folder Simpsons Video Games (19)
folder Sims, The (42) folder Skies of Arcadia: Legends (8)
folder Skylanders (2) folder Sly Cooper Games (58)
folder SOCOM (5) folder Sonic Games (126)
folder Soul Calibur (16) folder Soul Reaver (2)
folder Space Quest (8, 1 new) folder Splinter Cell (8)
folder Spyro (20) folder Squaresoft (6)
folder SSX Games (2) folder Star Control (4)
folder Star Fox (23) folder Star Ocean (14)
folder Star Wars (132) folder Starcraft (35)
folder Startopia (2) folder Street Fighter (13)
folder Suikoden (9) folder Summoner (2)
folder Super Monkey Ball (3) folder Super Smash Brothers Games (98)
folder Syphon Filter (4) folder System Shock (2)
Editors: kyleisalive, eburge, salami_swami Quiz Search:
1 "South Park: The Stick of Truth" (PS3 US Version)
This quiz is about the Playstation 3 (U.S. version) game "South Park: The Stick of Truth".
10 Q
Dec 25 14
60 plays
2 'Soul Blade' Weapons
This is a test on how well you know the weapons of 'Soul Blade' (PS1). Have fun!
10 Q
Jul 14 14
84 plays
3 Space Cadet 3D Pinball
A short quiz on the computer pinball game that most of us have on our start menu next to "Minesweeper", "Solitaire", and the like. Best of luck.
10 Q
Nov 27 05
528 plays
4 Q*bert was cute!
Who remembers "Q*bert", the arcade game that was around in the early 80s? I loved playing it, but was totally useless! Hopefully you will have better luck with this quiz.
10 Q
Jul 25 07
456 plays
5 Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"
"Space Invaders" came out in 1978 and became an almost instant success! What do you recall of this fun shooting game?
10 Q
Feb 02 15
105 plays
6 Remember You Soon
Neo-Paris. 2085. The world is being revolutionised by the new memory-preserving Sensen technology. Nilin, an elite Memory Hunter, is out to discover the hidden secrets behind it. 'Remember Me' is for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
10 Q
Jul 26 13
84 plays
7 "Spore" Through the Stages
This is a quiz on "Spore" (PC). It features two questions for each stage of evolution.
10 Q
Jan 19 09
336 plays
8 "Streets of Rage"
How much do you know about the classic 1991 Sega Genesis game "Streets of Rage"?
10 Q
Aug 25 13
75 plays
9 "SimAnimals": The Basics
I've spent most of the past few weeks playing "SimAnimals" (Wii) with my 5-year-old so I thought I'd treat you to a quiz on the basics of the game. I've been viewing it through his eyes so you should find these questions easier rather than harder.
10 Q
Aug 25 09
144 plays
10 Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Even Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote had their own game for the Super Nintendo. "Road Runner's Death Valley Rally" is one of the most challenging games.
10 Q
Feb 17 05
144 plays
11 The Sites and Sounds of "Super Pang"
I don't know if anyone on this site still knows this 1990 Mitchell arcade classic, but we'll find out. The questions are about the songs and backgrounds of the game, not so much the gameplay.
10 Q
Feb 19 12
597 plays
12 Snowboard Kids
"Snowboard Kids" is an awesome game for the Nintendo 64 with a fun theme, cool characters and gnarly tracks. Test your knowledge of the game with this quiz. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 24 05
198 plays
13 Rome: Total Quiz
A general quiz about "Rome: Total War" (PC). This quiz includes unit questions as well as campaign questions. Questions vary from easy to hard difficulty. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 18 09
216 plays
14 Samurai Warriors 2
This quiz is on one of my favourite games, Samurai Warriors 2 on PlayStation 2; it is about the "Sengoku" or the "Warring States" period in Japan. Hope you enjoy it; this is my first quiz :)
10 Q
Aug 09 08
225 plays
15 The Places in "Rome: Total War"
This quiz is all about the places and settlement management on the great map for the PC strategy game, "Rome: Total War". Hope you enjoy and please rate!
10 Q
Jan 23 12
87 plays
16 "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" (PS3/360)
In "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions", four different versions of Spider-Man must re-assemble a mystic artifact in order to save all of reality. (Note: This quiz concerns the PS3/360 version of the game, not the DS version, which is different.)
10 Q
Oct 21 10
129 plays
17 "Shadow of Destiny": Prologue
This quiz is based on the Prologue chapter of "Shadow of Destiny" for the Playstation 2. Please note that different choices can be made in this game, so some questions can only be answered if the game has been experienced in different ways. Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 03 07
135 plays
18 Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genesis)
This is a quiz on my favorite game of all time, "Streets of Rage 2" for the Sega Genesis. The game can also be downloaded on the Xbox 360.
10 Q
May 01 09
171 plays
19 "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron": General Knowledge
This quiz is based on PC version of the 2006 video game "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron." Personally, it's a must for fans of Snoopy's alternate personality, the WWI Flying Ace. And quite possibly a must for any 'Peanuts' fans.
15 Q
Feb 12 07
228 plays
20 "Rome: Total War"
Do you know about "Rome: Total War"? All of these questions are based on the PC version of the game.
10 Q
Oct 03 11
126 plays
21 NES - "StarTropics"
"StarTropics" is almost twenty years old, which means I must be getting somewhat closer to thirty than I realized. If you can get 10/10 on this quiz, you and I should probably get married.
10 Q
Apr 18 09
159 plays
22 PC Classics - "Sword of the Samurai"
An ancient game in today's standards, and yet remembered fondly by all those who've had the pleasure of playing it in the older days of PC games. Do you have what it takes to unify all of Japan?
10 Q
Dec 02 05
111 plays
23 River City Ransom
This quiz is based off of the game "River City Ransom" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
10 Q
Apr 22 04
171 plays
24 "Rage" Characters
"Rage" was released in America on October 4, 2011. From the creators of "Doom" and "Quake", "Rage" offered a mostly first-person quest through a post apocalyptic Earth. This quiz covers some of the many characters from that multi-platform experience.
10 Q
Oct 18 11
78 plays
25 "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force"
Although "Star Trek Voyager" ended in 2001, a computer game was developed for it. It was named "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force". Note: This quiz is based on the computer PC version of the game.
10 Q
Sep 16 07
183 plays
26 SilkRoad Online
This is my first quiz. It's about the cool free MMORPG PC game "SilkRoad Online". I hope you like it.
10 Q
Nov 27 06
189 plays
27 "Rocket Bowl" for the Xbox 360
This fun title was released for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade in 2008. Hope you enjoy the quiz. Thank you.
10 Q
Oct 29 08
129 plays
28 "Space Rangers 2" Mixed Bag
Various questions about the recent PC game "Space Rangers 2".
10 Q
Feb 28 06
108 plays
29 Forgotten Gems: "Shadowman"
Another gem dusted off from my collection of forgotten games is "Shadowman" for the Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, and Sega Dreamcast. An epic game such as this deserves to be recognized, not forgotten!
10 Q
Feb 20 09
138 plays
30 General "Red Steel"
"Red Steel" is one of the first games for the Nintendo Wii in first-person shooter style, with motion control swordfighting included. This quiz WILL contain heavy spoilers.
10 Q
May 30 07
156 plays
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