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'Corpse Bride' III

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Corpse Bride III game quiz
"More trivia from Tim Burton's 2005 film 'Corpse Bride', an instant animated classic. This quiz enters as Victor and his Corpse Bride return to the land of the dead, and moves to the glorious finale. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Back in the land of the dead, the Corpse Bride laments the fact that Victor does not wish to be married to her. Her friends Maggot and a certain type of spider console her with a song entitled 'Tears to Shed'. What type of spider?
    Brown recluse
    Daddy long legs
    Black widow

2. Victoria attempts to inform her parents about the fact that Victor is married to his Corpse Bride, but her parents are not sympathetic. They lock her in her room.

3. Victoria's only recourse is to seek out the only person in the town who will understand how to find Victor. Who is this individual?
    Pastor Galswells
    Lord Barkis
    Elder Gutknecht
    Town Crier

4. Since Victor has gone missing, Victoria's parents decide to have their daughter marry the next available bachelor, namely Lord Barkis. Has Barkis ever been engaged to marry before?

5. What is the name of the driver of the Van Dort's carriage, who keels over and dies after a particularly nasty coughing bout?

6. Is Victoria actually ever married to Barkis in the film?

7. Back in the land of the dead, the Corpse Bride discovers that she is indeed not 'legally' married to Victor. In order to have their marriage be binding, Victor would have to give up his life. What is the name of the wine he would be required to drink?
    Wine of Doom
    Wine of Death
    Wine of Ages
    Wine of Morbidity

8. The dead invade the land of the living, and descend on the Everglot's home, where a wedding dinner is being served. Which body part does Mr. Everglot annoyedly discover in his soup after the dead have approached the table?
    Toe bone
    Arm bone

9. After a few frightening moments, the living and the dead suddenly start recognizing each other. Wives greet long lost husbands, while grandfathers return to see their young grandchildren. Which member of Mr. Everglot's family appears?
    His great aunt
    His father
    His grandfather
    His uncle

10. Besides the driver of the Van Dort's carriage, which other significant character dies during the film?
    Mr. Everglot
    Mrs. Van Dort
    Pastor Galswells

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