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The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

Created by napoleon321

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The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates game quiz
"The '79 Pirates were a great team that brought a World Series title to Pittsburgh. Let's see how much you remember about that season."

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1. Who managed the Bucs in 1979?
    Gene Lamont
    Danny Murtaugh
    Chuck Tanner
    Billy Meyer

2. The Pirates had a losing record against only one National League team in 1979. Who were they?
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Montreal Expos
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Cincinnati Reds

3. Who led the Pirates pitching staff in wins in 1979?
    John Candelaria
    Bert Blyleven
    Bruce Kison
    Jim Rooker

4. What schedule oddity did the Bucs have to get through in July?
    Play 16 games on the West Coast
    Play 21 consecutive games on the road
    Play 3 doubleheaders in 5 days
    Play 7 day games after 7 night games

5. On September 1st, Kent Tekulve was sent to play left field after giving up a bunt single to Jack Clark of the Giants. Who came into the game to face San Francisco's Darrell Evans?
    Enrique Romo
    Grant Jackson
    Bert Blyleven
    Jim Bibby

6. In the 1970s, the trade deadline was mid-June. What two players did the Pirates acquire via trade in 1979?
    Omar Moreno and Jim Bibby
    Bert Blyleven and Phil Garner
    Don Robinson and Jim Rooker
    Bill Madlock and Tim Foli

7. On August 5th, the Pirates and Phillies played a wild back and forth game at Three Rivers Stadium. The game was tied at eight in the ninth inning, when John Milner hit a pinch-hit, walk-off grand slam off who?
    Steve Carlton
    Tug McGraw
    Rawly Eastwick
    Jim Kaat

8. In a game marred by rain delays in Montreal on September 18th, Willie Stargell finally ended a marathon game by hitting a hanging forkball over the wall in the 11th inning to give the Bucs a 5-3 win at 2:00 in the morning that demoralized the Expos. Who threw the hanging forkball?
    Dale Murray
    Bill Lee
    Woodie Fryman
    Bob James

9. As any true playoff race should, the 1979 NL East Division race came down to the final day. The Pirates needed to beat the Chicago Cubs, or which other team had to lose?
    New York Mets
    Montreal Expos
    Philadelphia Phillies
    St. Louis Cardinals

10. Who would the Bucs face in the NLCS?
    San Francisco Giants
    Houston Astros
    Cincinnati Reds
    Los Angeles Dodgers

11. One of the most famous shots in Pirate history was Bert Blyleven freezing an opposing player with his trademark curveball in the final at-bat of the NLCS to send the Bucs to the World Series. Who was victimized by that final pitch?
    Jerry Turner
    Jack Clark
    Cesar Geronimo
    Rick Monday

12. The Pirates' opponents in the World Series were the Baltimore Orioles. Who did the Orioles beat in the ALCS to get to the World Series?
    New York Yankees
    California Angels
    Kansas City Royals
    Chicago White Sox

13. Manny Sanguillen helped the Pirates win game 2 in Baltimore with an RBI single in the ninth inning off which Baltimore pitcher?
    Jim Palmer
    Don Stanhouse
    Dennis Martinez
    Mike Flanagan

14. Before game 5 in Pittsburgh, two events occured to motivate the Pirates. One was that they heard that the city of Baltimore had already planned a victory parade as they were up 3 games to 1 in the best of seven Series. The other was more melancholy. Whose mother had died that morning?
    Kent Tekulve's
    Willie Stargell's
    Chuck Tanner's
    Phil Garner's

15. Who made the final out of the 1979 World Series by harmlessly flying out to centerfield?
    Rick Dauer
    Eddie Murray
    Harold (Pat) Kelly
    Kiki Garcia

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