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Megalodon, terror of the oceans

Created by annamc

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Megalodon terror of the oceans game quiz
"Carcharodon megalodon is the ancestor of the great white shark, and the most fearsome predator that ever lived on land or sea."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Prehistoric Megalodon was the largest predator that ever lived, dwarfing its modern relative, the great white shark. If you could place a fully grown Megalodon upright on its nose, it would be as tall as what?
    a California redwood tree
    the Statue of Liberty
    the Eiffel tower
    a six-story building

2. What does "Megalodon" mean?
    mighty galleon
    massive jaw
    giant tooth
    loud roar

3. Megalodon's main prey was Odobenocetops, which was what sort of creature?
    a whale
    a bizarre form of amphibious sloth
    a prehistoric seal
    a giant squid

4. Megalodon had to eat at least 2 percent of its 20 ton body weight, or half a ton, daily to maintain its existence. This is proportionately a bit less than a human being eats. Why do humans eat more than sharks?
    because human brains need more energy
    nobody knows for sure
    because water buoys fish up so they need less energy than humans to move
    to keep their bodies warm

5. What creatures were Megalodon's predators?
    rogue megalodons that turned cannibal, usually older males
    smaller sharks attacked them in packs
    they had no predators
    the giant razor-tentacled octopus

6. Megalodon appeared in prehistoric oceans during the Oligocene Period and ruled the oceans for 20 million years. It became extinct 2 million years ago, due to what phenomenon?
    volcanic eruptions in the ocean floor
    cooling of the oceans
    a virus that attacked its immune system
    a huge meteorite

7. Only fossilised Megalodon jaws and teeth have been found - never any Megalodon skeletons. Why not?
    2 million years or more in sea water will erode the hardest bones
    marine archaelogists can't work at those depths
    the bones crumble away at the first contact with air
    megalodon had no bones

8. Marine "treasure hunters" are always eager to find fossilised Megalodon teeth, as there is a ready market for them. Who are the eager purchasers?
    museums and private collectors
    manufacturers of alternative medicines
    the adherents of certain religious cults
    orthodontic researchers

9. What colour are fossilised Megalodon teeth?
    they can be any colour at all
    blood red

10. How were megalodon's teeth arranged?
    six huge pointed ones in front and dozens of serrated ones in a staggered pattern on the sides
    hundreds were spread over 3 to 5 rows
    two rows of forty serrated teeth, augmented by four sharp canines
    up to fifty pointed and eighty serrated teeth, top and bottom

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Compiled Jun 28 12