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Jorge Luis Borges

Created by stigsby

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Jorge Luis Borges game quiz
"Jorge Luis Borges is widely recognized as one of the most innovative writers of the 20th century. This quiz sheds some light on a few details about the writer and his work."

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1. Borges was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 24, 1899. Which of these renowned writers was also born in 1899?
    Bertolt Brecht
    Virginia Woolf
    Samuel Beckett
    Vladimir Nabokov

2. Borges considered himself primarily a poet, but is best known for his short fictions and essays. How many novels did he publish during his lifetime?

3. Referring to his erudite upbringing, Borges once commented that his "household was so bilingual that he was not even aware that _______ and Spanish were separate languages until later in his childhood." Which other language was he referring to?

4. Which animals were particularly fascinating to Borges throughout his life?

5. As a student at the College Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland, Borges became acquainted with the works of his "favorite" philosopher and a poet whose style he then believed "the culmination of all the subtle aims of poetry." Name the two visionaries in question.
    Hume and Donne
    Descartes and Baudelaire
    Schopenhauer and Whitman
    Rousseau and Heine

6. In the early 1920s, while producing many poems celebrating the local color of his native Buenos Aires, Borges and some friends brought out an "ultraist" publication called "Prisma". Ultraism was a short-lived movement established primarily in opposition to which contemporary movement?

7. After dismissing his earlier foray into avant garde poetry as worthless, Borges endured a series of wrenching youthful disappointments. Which of these was NOT one of them?
    His eyesight began to fail
    The woman he loved dumped him in favour of a literary rival
    His apartment and studio burned down
    He became politically disenchanted

8. In 1937, forced to earn a regular income, Borges took a job as a first assistant at a municipal library in Buenos Aires, a post he held for nine years, but a period he later described as one of "solid unhappiness." Which of the following, however, did he accomplish during this time?
    He wrote and published a short biography of Miguel Cervantes
    He composed hundreds of catalogue entries for books that didn't exist
    He translated several hundred "gaucho" poems into English
    He became the first to translate William Faulkner into Spanish

9. "Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote" was a breakthrough work for Borges. What is the remarkable novelty or premise of this short, fascinating piece?
    The story has nothing to do with either Menard or Cervantes
    Cervantes is exposed as a fraud, and a 13th-century Alsatian cleric is praised instead as the father of the modern novel
    A fictional author rewrites Don Quixote word for word, but not as an act of plagiarism
    A French cleric is discovered in possession of the original Cervantes' manuscript, which reveals that the version handed down to posterity has been significantly bowdlerized

10. Denied the Nobel Prize for Literature, Borges was honored in 1961 as co-winner of the second-ever International Publishers' Prize. With which author did he share this honor and $20,000 in prize money?
    Ivo Andric
    William Golding
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    Samuel Beckett

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