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Shirley the Marvellous, "Shirley Valentine"

Created by zoe_and_kez

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Shirley the Marvellous Shirley Valentine game quiz
"This is about Shirley the Brave, Shirley the Marvellous, "Shirley Valentine" and her journey from boring suburbia to her dream."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of Shirley's husband?

2. Who is Shirley having dinner with when she says this quote? "It's a good job we're not having soup, or else I'd put me head in it and drown meself."
    Joe and Millandra
    Jane and Marjorie
    Brian and Millandra
    Jeanette and Dougie

3. Who does Shirley's friend Jane's husband run off with?
    The milkman
    The pizza delivery man
    The postman
    The Hoover salesman

4. Who asks Shirley to look after their dog while they are in Brussels?

5. Who are Brian and Millandra?
    Joe's brother and sister
    Shirley's and Joe's children
    Shirley's brother and sister
    Shirley's mother and father

6. Millandra approves of Shirley and Jane going to Greece.

7. How does Shirley tell Joe she has gone to Greece?
    She phones him from the airport.
    She doesn't tell him at all.
    She gets Jane to tell him.
    She leaves him a Post-It note saying 'Gone to Greece, back in two weeks.

8. Who does Shirley compare herself to when Millandra comes home after a fallout with Sharron-Louise?
    A Dalek

9. What is the eleventh commandment, according to Shirley?
    Thou shalt not run off with thy best friend to Greece.
    Thou shalt give thy fella steak every Thursday.
    Thou shalt not murder thy own daughter.
    Thou shalt not give thy fella chips'n'egg on steak day.

10. Who does Shirley tell Gillian she is going to Greece with?
    Her husband
    Her lover
    Her sister
    Her cousin

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Compiled Jun 28 12