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Ms S's Movie Mergers, Number 2

Created by susanjacosta

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Movie Mergers
Ms Ss Movie Mergers Number 2 game quiz
"I'll describe two movies with part of a word, a word or words in common; you name the merged title. Example: "Star Wars sequel; Michael J. Fox trilogy" produces "Empire Strikes Back to the Future". "A", "An" or "The" beginning any title is omitted."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Screen adaptation of Truman Capote's novel of the same name in which a befuddled robbery turns into the senseless murder of an innocent family (1967); in this first feature film for the Coen brothers, a P.I.'s plot to kill the husband who has hired him instead of the wife he has been hired to kill goes awry when the husband he has left for dead isn't (1984).
    Answer: (Four Words)

2. A poor girl (Molly Ringwald) falls for a wealthy "in-crowd" guy (Andrew McCarthy), instead of her best friend who adores her, in this brat pack romantic comedy (1986); drag queen Divine stars as the ultimate white trash mother who is trying to retain the title of "Filthiest Person Alive" in this outrageous John Waters debut that breaks just about every taboo imaginable (1972).
    Answer: (Four Words)

3. Anthony Hopkins stars as an honor-bound head butler in a wealthy British household, whose detached reserve causes him to deny his feelings in trying situations and even to deny himself of love (1993); alien Klaatu visits our planet in an attempt to warn all human beings that they must stop their violent ways (1951).
    Answer: (8 Words)

4. A wacky romance between a sexy, offbeat woman and a straight-laced businessman suddenly turns very dark when the woman's violent ex-husband is released from jail (1986); Denise Richards and Neve Campbell are teenage girls who accuse their good-looking school counselor (Matt Dillon) of rape, but a police detective (Kevin Bacon), suspecting a conspiracy is just the beginning of a long series of plot twists (1998).
    Answer: (Three Words)

5. Ron Livingston plays an unhappy Initech employee, who conspires with two recently laid-off friends to siphon company money into their personal bank account (1999); Clint Eastwood directs himself as an engineer who missed his chance to go into space back in 1958 and is now being called upon to do just that in an effort to stop a satellite predicted to crash into Earth (2000).
    Answer: (Three Words)

6. Yul Brenner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, James Coburn and three others portray U.S. gunmen hired to protect a small Mexican town from bandits (1960); in the original film, upon which the first film in this clue is based, Toshiro Mifune stars as one of the swordsmen hired to protect a Japanese village (1954).
    Answer: (Three Words)

7. Michael Douglas plays a college professor dealing with the crush of a young co-ed boarding in his house, the pregnancy of the college's chancellor with whom he was having an affair, and major writer's block (2000); Brandon Teena is new to a small Nebraska town and begins dating a popular young woman, but tensions erupt into tragedy when his new friends discover that Brandon is actually a woman, portrayed by Hillary Swank in her first Oscar-winning role (1999).
    Answer: (Four Words)

8. Melanie Griffiths plays a Staten Island secretary determined to succeed in the Manhattan business world, and she even impersonates an executive after she finds out her boss has stolen her idea (1988); Winona Ryder plays a young woman, placed in a mental hospital after a suspected suicide attempt, who befriends other young women who clearly belong there more than she, particularly the often charismatic sociopath (portrayed by Angelina Jolie) who continually attempts escape (1999).
    Answer: (Three Words)

9. Based on the popular 1960's sci-fi TV series, the Robinson family must work with the evil Dr. Smith to survive after they are marooned in a unknown part of the galaxy (1998); Sci-fi spoof has Lone Starr battling Dark Helmet, who wants to steal fresh air from Planet Druidia (1987).
    Answer: (Three Words)

10. Elizabeth Taylor plays a young woman and Spencer Tracy her dad who must deal with his mixed emotions and the details, both financial and otherwise, of her upcoming nuptials in this delightful comedy (1950); in this classic horror sequel, the monster from the first film demands his creator make a spouse for him (1935).
    Answer: (6 Words)

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