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"Welcome Home, Jaime"

Created by bionic4ever

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Welcome Home Jaime game quiz
"This was the first episode (a two-parter) of the actual series, after its introduction on the "Six Million Dollar Man"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where does Jaime tell Oscar she's planning to live?
    San Francisco, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Ojai, CA
    Washington DC

2. What does Jaime plan to become to earn a living?
    tennis pro
    horse breeder

3. What did Jaime destroy to gain the attention (and respect) of her new class?
    phone book

4. What was the name of the crooked businessman, who had Jaime followed to test her bionics?
    Donald Kirk
    Lyle Stenning
    Carlton Harris
    John Franklin

5. Who did Jaime beat at Forest Hills?
    John McEnroe
    Bobby Riggs
    Billie Jean King
    Chris Evert

6. Where did Jaime attend college?
    Carnegie Tech

7. When Jaime is finally hired as a teacher, what is the nickname the other teachers have given her new class?
    The Dirty Dozen
    The Service Brats
    The Misfits
    Mission Impossible

8. When Jaime is sent to investigate the crooked businessman, how many people was he known to have already killed?
    none - there was no proof

9. What was the name of the top-secret Navy project Jaime had to steal plans and components for?
    Project Sunken Treasure
    Project Submarine
    Project Battleship
    Project Rebound

10. Who saved Jaime from being dissected?
    Steve Austin
    Chris Williams
    Oscar Goldman
    Donald Harris

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Compiled Jun 28 12