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"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" II

Created by skunkee

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Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest II game quiz
"Please enjoy these questions on the second half of Gore Verbinski's amazing sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". CONTAINS SPOILERS."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. After her father gets her out of prison, Elizabeth stows away on a ship of honest seamen, in her quest to find and help Will. How does she convince them to travel to Tortuga?
    She tells them the truth and they decide to help her.
    She whispers in the Captain's ear while he is sleeping.
    She writes the word on the deck in gun powder and sets fires to it.
    She covers herself in white flour and pretends to be a ghost.

2. Seeking 100 people (actually 99 more besides Will) to pay his debt to Davy Jones, Captain Sparrow has gone to Tortuga to recruit these men. What familiar face applies to sign on as a crew member of the Black Pearl?
    Captain Bellamy
    Cutler Beckett
    Weatherby Swan
    James Norrington

3. Elizabeth arrives in Tortuga as Jack is signing on his crew, so to speak. She is still dressed in her stow-away clothes, so she is initially mistaken for a man. What does Jack say when he realizes who she is?
    "Elizabeth my beauty, where have you been?"
    "Hide the rum."
    "I must say, I've seen you look better."
    "I'm sorry, but I have no idea where Will is."

4. After Will leaves the Flying Dutchman, he gets picked up by the ship that Elizabeth had stowed away upon. How does he know that she was once on the ship?
    The captain tells him.
    He finds her hiding below deck.
    He finds a note she left for him.
    He sees her wedding dress.

5. Jack's very special compass points to what the holder's heart desires the most. However for some reason the compass doesn't seem to be working for Jack, and never fixes itself on one direction. Who does the compass seem to work for?

6. What is it that Will, Jack and Norrington fight for possession of?
    Answer: (One Word - three letters)

7. Why won't Sparrow let Will stab the heart, thereby killing Davy Jones?
    He doesn't believe that stabbing the heart will actually kill Jones.
    He wants to negotiate a better deal with Jones.
    He needs Jones to call off the monster.
    He thinks that he can control Jones and thereby be the true power in the seas.

8. Aside from the brief diversion, when Davy Jones sends the Kraken after Will, who or what is the Kracken seeking throughout the movie?
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    the key to the chest containing Jones' heart
    the chest containing Davy Jones' heart
    Tia Dalma

9. How does Elizabeth get Jack to stay onboard the Pearl and give everyone else a chance to escape?
    Jack volunteers to stay.
    She knocks him unconscious.
    She convinces him that it is the fair and right thing to do.
    She slips a manacle on him while distracting him with a kiss.

10. Where do they go once the Pearl has been sunk, and Jack presumably killed?
    to rescue Will's father
    to Tortuga
    to see Tia Dalma
    to follow Norrington, who has Davy Jones' heart

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Compiled Jun 28 12