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What's in My Toy Box?

Created by Cymruambyth

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Whats in My Toy Box game quiz
"My toy box contains toys that have been around for years, because I'm a grandmother now. How many of my toys do you recognize from their descriptions?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This toy looks like a giant spring. I played with it on the stairs. What is it?

2. Rooting around in my old toy box I come across a box of 10 round stones and a small rubber ball. Kids in North America play this game with metal pieces and a rubber ball. The object of the game is to toss the ball into the air and scoop up as many pieces as possible before the ball bounces. What's the game?
    Knucklebones or Jacks
    Toss and Grab

3. Oh, look, here's another game I used to play. This one has several small coloured discs, some larger discs and a cup. The point of the game was to see how many of the smaller discs one could get into the cup, by snapping their edges with a larger disc. What's the game?

4. On rainy days, I spent hours creating pictures by piecing together little irregular shapes of cardboard. What were these pictures called?
    Paper Dolls
    Jigsaw puzzles

5. This toy wouldn't fit in my toy box. My dad cut a large hole in the centre of a huge table in our playroom, and set up this toy on it. We created little villages, tunnels, and scenery, and had hours of fun shunting and signalling. What were my dad and I playing with?
    Train set

6. At the bottom of my toy box is a box containing flat pieces of red and green metal, nuts and bolts, cogs, wheels, pulleys, gears and axles and small tools. What's the toy?
    Lincoln Logs
    Little Builder's Kit

7. Long before I learned to play chess, I played this game which uses a board just like a chess board (only its squares are usually red and black rather than black and white) and flat round pieces. What's the game?
    Beginners Chess
    Chinese Checkers
    Draughts or Checkers

8. There's a deck of cards in my toy box, but it isn't like a regular deck of cards. These cards have pictures of people on them, like Mr. Bun the baker, and his wife and children, and Mr. Block the builder and his family. What's the name of this card game?
    All in the Family
    The Village People
    Happy Families
    Family Fun

9. This toy wouldn't fit in my toy box, either. It was a permanent feature in our playroom. It stood just over five feet tall with a hinged front that opened to reveal tiny, furnished rooms. What was it?
    Roll-top desk
    Doll house

10. The last toy in my toy box was more of a friend than a toy. It is brown (it used to have fur, but that got hugged off over the years) and button eyes and it gets its name from an American president. What is it? Be very careful when you answer this one. Keep in mind that American president - he's an important clue. You might also want to remember that I was given this toy when I was a year old, and that was back in 1938! More clues: this toy doesn't wear clothes like a mackintosh or checkered trousers, and he doesn't live in a wood.
    Teddy Bear
    Paddington Bear
    Rupert Bear

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Compiled Jun 28 12