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Basic Flying

Created by gday_99

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Basic Flying game quiz
"A quiz on some of the more basic parts of aviation regarding light planes."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which mathematician's principle of fluid dynamics is the most widely taught explanation of how planes fly?
    Albert Einstein
    Dick Smith
    Daniel Bernoulli

2. Movement of the plane about the vertical axis of motion is called?

3. When taxiing a moving light aircraft on the ground, how do you make a right turn?
    turn the controls left
    turn the controls to the right
    depress the right rudder pedal/brake
    the plane will follow the towing tug

4. Under ICAO guidelines for aviation radio telephony, how would the aircraft tailnumber N1359J be pronounced?
    November One Three Five Nine Juliet
    No-vem-ber Wun Tree Fife Nine Jew-lee-ett
    Norma One Three Five Nine Juice
    No-vem-ber Wun Tree Fife Nine-er Jew-lee-ett

5. You are climbing when suddenly the left wing drops dramatically and the nose pitches down in a stall. What is the most correct action to recover from the stall?
    Radio a Mayday call,there is no recovery from a stall
    Full throttle, pull back as hard as possible immediatly
    Push the nose down, right rudder,smooth increase in power
    Push nose down, turn the controls to the right and increase throttle

6. When the pilot moves the wheel on the control/yoke to the left the result will be?
    the elevator goes up
    The right aileron goes up and the left aileron goes down
    The left aileron goes up and the right aileron goes down
    Both ailerons go down

7. What does VOR stand for?
    Very high frequency Omnidirectional Range
    VHF Operations Radar
    Vehicle Operations Radar
    Variable Oscillation Radar

8. Where on the aircraft would you find the green navigation light?
    Left Wingtip
    Centre,above cockpit
    Right Wingtip

9. What does the term "trimming" most commonly mean in aviation?
    Filing chips from the propeller
    Use of a tab or wheel to equalise control input/pressure so that no input will maintain current flight status
    Removal of the wings to fit aircraft in hangar
    It is a type of spin

10. In aviation,what does CAVOK stand for?
    Chartered Air Vehicle Passed OK
    Cessna Aviation Vehicle of Oklahoma
    Common Air VHF Omnirange Kaleidoscope
    Ceiling and Visibility OK

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Compiled Jun 28 12