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The Books of Travel Writers & Ex Pats.

Created by dovbear

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The Books of Travel Writers  Ex Pats game quiz
"So you think you know travel writers? Fair enough- give this quiz a try and see if we have read the same ones!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This well known travel writer has written such works as "Riding the Iron Rooster", "The Great Railway Bazaar", and "Pillars of Hercules".
    Louis L'Amour
    Jon Krakauer
    Thor Heyerdahl
    Paul Theroux

2. This famed percussionist from the group Rush struck out on a cycling journey through West Africa.
    Keith Moon
    Geddy Lee
    Neil Peart
    John Bohnam

3. Who wrote 'Innocents Abroad'?
    John Bunyan
    Mark Twain
    John Steinbeck
    Edgar Allan Poe

4. This British lady, born in France and died in Italy, was known for her travels in the Middle East.
    Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
    Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
    Rebecca West
    Freya Stark

5. Bill Bryson's epic tale of hiking the AT [Appalachian Trail] can be found in which of his books?
    A Knapsack, a Stick, and a Dog Named Mac
    A Walk in the Woods
    I'm Not From Here Either
    North Bound: One Man's Walk to Maine

6. This novel book draws its name from the color of the map lines to indicate the rural roads that the author traveled.
    Blue Highways
    Across America
    Country Roads
    The Road Less Traveled

7. In the 14th century, this Muslim traveler covered 75,000 miles in thirty years time. At the end of his life he recorded his journey - what was his name?
    Ali Abdulla Al-Ubaydli
    Ibn Jubayr
    Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta
    Suleiman Ali Nashnus

8. This man is credited as the first modern travel writer of the 20th century with his notable book "The Road to Oxania".
    Wilfred Thesiger
    Robert Byron
    Tim Parks
    Nick Danziger

9. This Irishman crossed the Atlantic in a crude boat made of leather, following the path of Saint Brendan. Who was he?
    Seamus Egan
    Tim Severin
    Eugene T. Finnegan
    Pat O'Sullivan

10. This adventurer has written a series of books entitled "The Lost Cities..." done by regions. One common theme of these books is to show the existence of the People of Mu.
    Ron Price
    David Hatcher Childress
    Guy La Fleur
    Sir Captain Richard Burton

11. Chris Stewart, the former drummer of Genesis, detailed his life in building a home in Andalusia in which book?
    Andalusian Back Roads
    Drummin' through the Nights
    Driving over Lemons
    A Parrot In The Pepper Tree

12. This Irish woman toured Ethiopia with a mule.
    Grace Joyce
    Jane Flanagan
    Dervla Murphy
    Fiona O'Connor

13. This expat of Britain moved to Italy and recorded his life there as an Italian translator and writer, in works such as 'Italian Neighbours'.
    Tim Parks
    Martin Fowler
    Ian Mursey
    Thomas Powers

14. This fellow walked around the entire globe in four years. His name was Steve Newman, but what was his book called?
    Endless Road
    No Looking Back

15. Powered by a piece of sloth skin that his grandmother had on the wall when he himself was a lad, Bruce Chatwin went on to travel and write what book?
    Dark Star Safari
    In Patagonia
    Idle Days in Patagonia
    Does It Rain in the Rain Forest?

16. 'Kidnapped', 'Treasure Island','Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'?
    The Grampians
    Journey Through The Midlands
    Travels with a Donkey in the CÚvennes
    The Hebrides

17. "A Walk Across America", "The Walk West" and___________________. Which title completes the series?
    North to Alaska
    The Last Leg
    The Road Unseen
    In The Arms of God

18. What is Paul Theroux's 2003 book where he travels the length of Africa?
    The Dark Continent
    Dark Star Safari
    AIDS, Raids & Tirades
    Following the Nile

19. Known as the Father of History, he acquired that knowledge through travel.
    Pliny the Elder

20. He walked the United States like no other and convinced Teddy Roosevelt to set aside land for preservation.
    John Dos Passos
    John Muir
    Jack Kerouac
    Wilfred Thesiger

21. Considered by some to be the first European to reach China, he was a Jewish rabbi traveling from Spain.
    Benjamin of Tudela

22. She traveled through India, lived in a cave near the Tibetan border and influenced the greatest of the Beat Generation.
    Alexandra David-Neel
    Amy Carmichael
    Freya Stark
    Dervla Murphy

23. Sam Apple takes us on the trail with a Yiddish-speaking shepherd in Austria in which book?
    Schlepping Through the Alps
    Hey Ewe!
    Oy Vey Come a Long Sheep
    Yodeling With Moishe

24. "Round Ireland with a_____________________". What is the name of this book?
    Band of Gypsies

25. The book: "The Man Who Walked Around The World". These two brothers from Waseca, Minnesota, USA were the first recorded to make the journey. What were their names?
    John and George Wilson
    Jay and Paul Lafontaine
    Craig and Ryan Ortloff
    Dave andJohn Kunst

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