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Hello Again

Created by talaw21

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Hello Again game quiz
"I've always liked this movie. Let's see how well you do on the questions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who played Lucy Chadman?
    Shelley Long
    Meryl Streep
    Goldie Hawn
    Barbara Eden

2. At the beginning of the movie Lucy said "Lucy Chadman, and you?". Who was she talking to?
    her best friend's boyfriend
    her husband's future boss
    her husband

3. What was Lucy's husband's name?

4. At the fancy party in the beginning of the movie, what embarrassing thing happened to Lucy when Jason called to her?
    She tripped.
    Her skirt fell down.
    She sat in someone's food.
    She fell on the floor when she went to sit down.

5. How did Lucy die?
    Her best friend poisoned her because she wanted Lucy's husband.
    She tripped and broke her neck.
    She choked to death.
    She caught her husband in bed with her best friend and had a heart attack.

6. Zelda had to wait one year to the exact day that Lucy died to bring her back. According to Zelda, what three things had to line up to make a perfect isosceles triangle for the incantation to work?
    North star, Earth, Moon
    Earth, Sun, Dog star
    Sun, North star, Earth
    Earth, Moon, Dog star

7. Lucy had until the next full moon (less than a month) to find what?
    True love
    Her calling
    A job
    Her husband

8. What was the name of Zelda's book store?
    Cosmic Light Books
    Incantations and More
    Occult Books
    Cosmic Occult Incantations

9. What job did Lucy have before she worked at the daycare?

10. Who ended up being Lucy's true love?
    Jason Chadman
    Kevin Scanlon
    Junior Lacey
    Bruce Holt

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Compiled Jun 28 12