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Movies with "Little" in the Title!

Created by jlp937

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Movies with Little in the Title game quiz
"I have done "Big", now let's try "Little". I will give you a description of a movie that has "Little" in the title and you choose the correct film. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A family decides to adopt a mouse, but the family's cat has a different plan for the newest addition to the family. This 1999 movie stars Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis as the parents of the mouse.
    Answer: (Two Words)

2. Seymour Krelborn discovers a rare plant that grows and grows, but only on human blood. This plant becomes a main attraction and gets Seymour noticed by the girl of his dreams.
    Little Big Man
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Little Monsters
    Little Big Horn

3. An American gets the opportunity to go to London to see his brother only to get dumped off at a game show. However, he quickly becomes mistaken for a spy and winds up doing things he never knew he had the courage to do. This 1997 comedy co-stars Joanne Whalley as Lorelei.
    Little Big League
    The Man Who Knew Too Little
    Dream a Little Dream
    Little Things

4. Peter, Michael, and Jack race to England to stop Mary from being sent to boarding school. This sequel finds our bachelors trying to stop their favorite little girl's mother from marrying the wrong man. What "Little" film is being described?
    Little Darlings
    Little Children
    Little Voice
    Three Men and a Little Lady

5. This film is based on a popular series of theatrical shorts about a bunch of crazy kids. Daryl Hannah, Lea Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg star in this 1994 film version.
    Chicken Little
    The Little Rascals
    Little Big League
    Little Giants

6. Stacy Holt steals her boyfriend's palm pilot and discovers that he still has all of his old girlfriends' phone numbers. She then goes on a rampage, trying to find out personal things about these women so that she can learn more about her boyfriend. What comedy is this?
    A Little Romance
    Little Black Book
    A Little Harmless Sex
    Poor Little Me

7. Stanley Banks has just learned that his daughter is going to make him a grandfather. What is this sequel to the 1950 classic "Father of the Bride"?
    My Little Chickadee
    Father's Little Dividend
    Father's Little Princess
    Little Voice

8. A young chicken tries to warn his town that aliens are going to invade. No one believes him and his reputation gets tarnished. When aliens actually do invade he gets the credit he has been longing for. Can you name this animated film?
    Answer: (Two Words)

9. Brian Stevenson has discovered a world of monsters in his room and they live underneath his bed! What "Little" movie am I talking about?
    Little Things
    Little Monsters
    Showdown in Little Tokyo
    Little Big Man

10. Two young teenage girls compete while they are at summer camp to see who will lose their virginity first. Can you name this Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol comedy from 1980?
    The Best Little Whore House in Texas
    Little Darlings
    Little Miss Millions
    A Little Sex

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Compiled Feb 16 14