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This category is dedicated to mixture quizzes organized around specific themes. That can be an actor, director, subject, style. If you're looking for quizzes on baseball movies, Julia Roberts movies, or horse movies, this is the place.

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1 Home
There's no place like home and the film industry sure knows it. This quiz will look at a number of films, spanning many decades, that all contain a major theme of, or minor reference to, getting home. Warning: may contain spoilers.
10 Q
Apr 18 11
4323 plays
2 Gone With the Wind 2: Gone Further
Hallelujah THAT never got made. In fact of the 100 top movies of all time according to AFI, only about eleven involved a sequel. Here are descriptions of ten "sequels", had they been made. You tell me the possible title. Good luck!
10 Q
May 25 15
435 plays
3 Da ToughGuys
This quiz is about some tough guys in films, most of them versatile enough to play good guys as well, but some stuck in a stereotype. Bet you can find the right place to put them. Enjoy!
10 Q
132 plays
4 Movie Sidekicks
You are asked to name the movie characters, the actors who played them, the main character, the movie or anything else I can think of...
10 Q
Jun 16 15
417 plays
5 Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?
An anachronism is an object misplaced in time. In movies especially, it is distracting to see an object in a movie that has not been invented yet. For example a gladiator wearing a watch. This quiz is about movie anachronisms.
10 Q
Nov 30 14
324 plays
6 Feeling Sick in the Movies
Inspired by a bout with the 'flu, I decided it was time to make a quiz about people struggling with illness within the movies. Come help me put names to these, *cough*, less than healthy films!
10 Q
Feb 04 06
7722 plays
7 Teens in the 80s
Remember the teen-related flicks from the 80s, the ones that didn't rely on constant jokes about flatulence and other bodily functions, but dealt with real life problems? This quiz is about them...enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 10 06
12942 plays
8 Lobsters in Film
In this Author Challenge quiz, see how much you know about films in which lobsters make an appearance. There are more than you might think!
10 Q
Dec 03 11
531 plays
9 Ten Seconds to Detonation
Tick, tick, tick. The bomb's about to go off- the timer's counting down. Identify these ten films about bombs or timed devices and make sure to cut the right wire! Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 12 10
7347 plays
10 What's in a Title? Film Noir
I'll give a bit of the plot, the director, and the year of ten film noirs, you just pick the title. They are in chronological order (1940 - 1950), and the red herrings were released the same year.
10 Q
Jan 10 14
555 plays
11 This Quiz is a Real Slap in the Face
These questions are about movies which contain scenes where someone is, you guessed it, slapped in the face. When this quiz was born it was so ugly, the doctor slapped its mother. :)
10 Q
Apr 25 09
1728 plays
12 How on Earth Did That Get in Here!
Anachronism, the appearance in movie scenes of objects that could not have been present at that time and place, are often the subject of 'blooper spotting'. Do you recall these examples?
10 Q
Dec 11 12
999 plays
13 Gimmicks in the Movies
Many movies use gimmicks or special techniques to create a mood or emphasize a point. In "Pleasantville" people changed from black and white to colour, after interacting with the main characters. All these films use some such similar gimmick
10 Q
Jan 06 06
5232 plays
14 Hollywood's Super Blockbusters
In the US, in the twentieth century, twenty-three films earned more than billion dollars (adjusted for inflation). This quiz explores how and by whom these super blockbusters were made.
15 Q
Jul 06 06
3255 plays
15 Big, Big, Big! Film Epics
Some films (or film series) are so vast in scope, so full of legendary heroes and ominously evil villains, that the only word to aptly describe them is 'epic'. This quiz takes a look at a few such films...good luck!
10 Q
Dec 10 05
11277 plays
16 Buddy Movies I
These movies all contain a 'buddy' duo, friends who, by whatever circumstance, join together in a common cause. Be my buddy and try this quiz!
10 Q
Dec 09 05
10347 plays
17 Just What the Actors Ordered
A number of actors have moved from acting in front of the camera to calling the shots from behind the camera as directors or producers. While some of them have excelled in their new roles, others floundered.
10 Q
Nov 28 10
1836 plays
18 Movies for Sadists II: Electric Boogaloo
If you only hurt the ones you love, the people behind these movies must have loved audiences a lot. Proceed at your own risk; they don't make decontamination sprays for your brains.
10 Q
Jan 24 10
459 plays
19 It Never Made the Cut
This quiz, an Author Challenge, covers scenes and script concepts from the '70s and '80s that, for one reason or other, never made the final cut of the film. Knowledge outside of the films, although helpful, isn't essential. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!
10 Q
Sep 11 09
1125 plays
20 Movies About Fire
Each of these movies is in some way linked with fire, and that fire is pivotal to the plot. I'll describe the movie, and you tell me the name.
10 Q
Mar 04 04
9039 plays
21 Knockout
Team quiz by Pi in the Sky
Where would the movies be without a good fight scene every now and then. Here are ten to identify.
10 Q
Feb 12 12
4611 plays
22 We Rob Banks
"We rob banks." So said Clyde Barrow in "Bonnie and Clyde", uttering a quote that would become one of the AFI's top 100. Here we will look at some other movie characters who also robbed banks.
10 Q
Sep 30 13
564 plays
23 Water Under the Bridge
Now that you've come to the bridge, why not cross it and answer questions on movies which had bridges play a small, or large, part in them. Enjoy this response to kyleisalive's quiz challenge!
10 Q
Jul 16 09
681 plays
24 Here There Be Treasure
And where there's treasure, there's usually someone searching for it. Answer questions about movies where a treasure of some kind was being sought.
10 Q
Mar 10 08
1986 plays
25 O Father, Where Art Thou?
This quiz has one common link - fathers!
10 Q
Aug 29 10
603 plays
26 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
According to the song in Walt Disney's "Cinderella", 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes'. Let's explore the dream references in some other movies.
10 Q
May 02 10
720 plays
27 "That Movie Blows Up Well"
When "Terminator: Salvation" was released in 2009, one critic simply said the movie wasn't good, but that it "blows up well". Let's see what other movies are explosion-inclined...maybe even a bit too much. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 30 09
789 plays
28 Christians Allowed
On his 89th birthday, my dad suggested combining religion with movies in a quiz. So here are ten questions on movies with a large Christian inspiration, in honour of my dad. Bible quotes are from the "New International" version.
10 Q
Apr 17 10
567 plays
29 Shape Shifting in the Movies
Shape shifting is something that seems to appear a lot in the movies. Do you know these ten who could (by choice or force) become something else?
10 Q
Nov 17 13
603 plays
30 The Last Straw
You're pushed just a little too far, someone presses the wrong button and then comes the last straw ... tick, tick ... BOOM! Here are some of movie's memorable last straw moments.
10 Q
Jan 03 11
756 plays
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* Who played the the big-time mobster who was the victim of the elaborate con game in 'The Sting'?
* Steve McQueen played the title role in 'The Cincinnati Kid', but who played the older poker player, known as 'The Man'?
* Who starred with her dad as a couple of Bible-selling con artists in 'Paper Moon'?
* Who was the 'Flim Flam Man', in the 1967 film of the same name?
* What hand does 'the little lady' hold in the 1966 film 'A Big Hand for the Little Lady'?

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