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This category is dedicated to mixture quizzes organized around specific themes. That can be an actor, director, subject, style. If you're looking for quizzes on baseball movies, Julia Roberts movies, or horse movies, this is the place.

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31 "Toga! Toga!"
Everyone loves a Roman, right? This is a quiz about movies where you might see someone wearing a toga, and the actors who wear them. Mostly they are historical films and Bible epics, but a few others are thrown in for good measure.
10 Q
Oct 03 13
477 plays
32 Christians Allowed
On his 89th birthday, my dad suggested combining religion with movies in a quiz. So here are ten questions on movies with a large Christian inspiration, in honour of my dad. Bible quotes are from the "New International" version.
10 Q
Apr 17 10
561 plays
33 The Last Straw
You're pushed just a little too far, someone presses the wrong button and then comes the last straw ... tick, tick ... BOOM! Here are some of movie's memorable last straw moments.
10 Q
Jan 03 11
747 plays
34 Who Played the Wife?
This quiz is about actresses who played wives in various films over the years.
10 Q
Dec 10 08
2451 plays
35 Thriller
The thriller genre comes in so many forms but they all have one thing in common - keeping us on the edge of our seats.
10 Q
Mar 04 12
726 plays
36 A Little Less Appreciated
Some movies are ambitious, some are blockbusters, and some are simply a little less appreciated. See if you happened to catch one of these films, which may not have received the attention they deserved. Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 13 09
777 plays
37 The Silver Screen - "Southern-Style"
The humid and sultry ambience of the Southern U.S. lends itself to wonderful movies like "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Gone with the Wind". But please do join us for alternate offerings - served up with grits, blues and food for the soul.
10 Q
Jan 17 12
2655 plays
38 Arrrrgh! It's a Movie Pirate!
Ahoy matey, answer various questions about movies which all had a pirate or two in them. Ye can board now, if ye dare!
10 Q
Sep 18 07
1428 plays
39 The Travels of Moviella
In this quiz, the fictional character Moviella is going on a trip around the USA. To do so, she will take directions from the titles of ten different movies. If you can guess the name of the movie, you will be able to figure out where she goes next.
10 Q
Jul 30 14
324 plays
40 More AFI's Funniest Movies of All Time
The movies ranked 11 through 20 in the American Film Institute's 2000 list will be a bit more difficult than the 'Top 10'. Good luck.
10 Q
May 29 07
4068 plays
41 Dreaming the Future
Call it prophecy; call it premonition; call it bad pizza. Whatever's causing the bad dreams in these ten films is only setting up for a horrible coincidence in waking life. Watch out for spoilers! Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 17 14
498 plays
42 Courtroom Dramas
Many excellent films take place or have the climax in the courtroom. Here are a few of the classics of this genre.
10 Q
Feb 15 11
519 plays
43 Last Time Ever I Saw Your Face
All of these movies featured a major star in their final role, also known as their swan song. How many of these will you remember?
10 Q
Sep 11 13
591 plays
44 Dystopia in the Movies
I'll describe the movie, you identify the film's title.
10 Q
Mar 16 12
738 plays
45 Pre-Code: A Fascinating Genre
Pre-code films were produced after the silent era in Hollywood until the advent of formal screen censorship in roughly 1935. These films often had fallen women, a peek at lingerie, and adult storylines. Here are a few films from that era.
10 Q
Dec 30 13
204 plays
46 One And Done: (In)Famous One Shot Stars
Hollywood abounds with tales of stars being found in the most unlikely places, but not much is said of those stars if they happen to go out after one brief shining moment. Just to let you know we haven't forgotten.
10 Q
Jul 27 13
1119 plays
47 She Was a Man's sometimes played for laughs, other times for rich drama. All of the movies in this quiz feature women and men dressing as members of the opposite sex.
10 Q
Mar 04 10
879 plays
48 Yours Truly, Your Imaginary Friend
Dear player, it seems I'm in your mind. You're not the only one! I've picked out ten films for you about your issue as a way to cope (with spoilers!). See if you can name these ten films about people and their 'imaginary' friends. Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 27 10
552 plays
49 Cross-Dressing in the Movies
In various movie situations both men and women have cross-dressed in order to disguise themselves. I'm curious to find out if you know about these films.
10 Q
Apr 17 11
612 plays
50 Wasting the Opportunity
Movie casting is a bizarre process. Some performers have turned down acclaimed movie roles. Some famous movie characters were passed on by several talented performers. This quiz is about these wasted opportunities in movie casting.
10 Q
Mar 16 14
717 plays
51 Prison Films I
What is your favorite prison/jail film? There are so many great choices. This quiz will focus on some of the great films featuring scenes in which individuals were confined, for various reasons, to imprisonment. I wish you luck!
10 Q
Aug 30 04
1938 plays
52 Movies for Weak Stomachs
This is not a quiz about six-packs or yummy tummies. The following questions will explore some movies that have made use of the abominable abdominals. (WARNING) There are spoilers here.
10 Q
Nov 30 10
780 plays
53 Under the Dome
Igloos and related snow structures have featured in a number of movies over the years - let's look under the dome to view some of them.
10 Q
Apr 25 13
681 plays
54 Schools On The Silver Screen
Most people just want to put them behind them, but schooldays have been a favorite subject for movie makers down through the years. See how many of the movies, and the schools, you can identify.
10 Q
Jul 14 08
2037 plays
55 Dropping the Bomb - Cinematic Failures
While some films are created and marketed with finesse and success, there are more than a few real stinkers out there. I mean really bad. These ten films really blew it; missed the mark; flopped.
10 Q
Jan 30 10
729 plays
56 This is a Call
Phones, in all shapes and sizes, with tons of callers and receivers, have appeared in movies for decades. See if you can name ten films found in here that have something to do with phones or the calls made within. Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 29 10
633 plays
57 What's in a Title? Revenge in Films
Philosophers, writers, politicians and the Bible all warn us against the folly of revenge, but it's a great theme for a film, whatever the genre. I'll give a bit of the plot and some clues about films which have a revenge theme. You just pick the titles.
15 Q
Nov 04 14
429 plays
58 Zoom Zoom: Catch That Movie!
Ten speed-themed movies are on the run. Help me identify them, and they shall be caught!
10 Q
Apr 12 12
747 plays
59 Some of My Favorite Movies
Here is a quiz on some of my favorite movies that have one word titles. Knowledge of the many facets of film making and awards may be needed.
10 Q
Jan 18 13
1899 plays
60 You Have the Right to Remain Silent
"Talkies" have been around since the 1920s, but some filmmakers continue to favour films with little/no dialogue. This quiz looks at just some of these.
10 Q
Jul 19 13
261 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who played the the big-time mobster who was the victim of the elaborate con game in 'The Sting'?
* Steve McQueen played the title role in 'The Cincinnati Kid', but who played the older poker player, known as 'The Man'?
* Who starred with her dad as a couple of Bible-selling con artists in 'Paper Moon'?
* Who was the 'Flim Flam Man', in the 1967 film of the same name?
* What hand does 'the little lady' hold in the 1966 film 'A Big Hand for the Little Lady'?

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