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1 Idiots of Myth and Legend
Many of the key characters of the world's various mythologies were frankly not too bright. How about you?
10 Q
Oct 24 02
15435 plays
2 The Entity
A demon is usually defined as an evil spirit. Here is a quiz on demons, devils, and other evil beings from different cultures and religions, throughout time and from all over the globe. Forewarning, some of these beings are rather unusual.
10 Q
May 08 11
531 plays
3 The Wife's Giving Me Grief
As a marriage counsellor, you are faced with ten disgruntled men complaining about their wives. However, their wives are not humans, but are figures which can be found in mythological tales from all around the world. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 05 10
795 plays
4 The Mythology of Volcanoes
Volcanoes have fascinated people around the world since ancient times. Myths and legends were created to explain the behaviour of these fire-breathing mountains - see how much you know!
10 Q
Sep 16 03
1986 plays
5 The Nymphs
Myths abound in numerous cultures, and several of those mythologies mention nymphs. But, how much do we know about those nubile creatures?
10 Q
Feb 15 13
387 plays
6 It Was the Best of Mythological Times
This quiz is an author challenge that is going to be about creation myths and heavenly myths, some in ancient religions and philosophies and some in modern ones. After all, these are usually considered the best of times!
10 Q
Feb 19 10
774 plays
7 Herbs in Myths and Legends
Herbs have been around for a long time and appear in the myths and legends of many cultures. This quiz focuses mainly on European (especially Greek), Egyptian and Indian myths and legends.
10 Q
Mar 18 09
945 plays
8 The Personification of Death
For at least 7000 years of art, literature and religious belief people have projected human qualities onto the phenomenon of death - intentions, motivations, emotions and even corporeality. This quiz treats the personification of Death in 25 questions.
25 Q
Sep 19 02
4557 plays
9 Luck Be A Lady
This quiz is all about goddesses from mythology and religion who are associated with luck, fortune or misfortune.
10 Q
Feb 25 10
375 plays
10 Eyes...Windows to the Soul?
Most of the world's cultures have myths and legends involving eyes. Here is just a smattering of these tales.
10 Q
Nov 23 12
474 plays
11 Myth-taking the Constellations
Many people love to look up at the night sky to see the stars and trace the constellations that they form. Trace your way through this quiz about the stories behind some of these star formations.
10 Q
Apr 20 10
339 plays
12 Operatic Non-Greek Myth and Legend
After my quiz on operatic Greek myth, here is one on non-Greek myths and legends. Both have been inspired by the "Phaeton Great Opera Book".
10 Q
May 16 06
507 plays
13 Blacksmiths of Myth and Legend
This quiz treats blacksmiths of myth and legend from around the world.
20 Q
Jul 25 05
894 plays
14 Gods Of The Night
The gods and goddesses featured in this quiz are all related to the night or to darkness. You may need a flashlight to make your way through this quiz concerning the myths of various regions. I hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Nov 10 12
273 plays
15 Divine Retribution
Throughout history there have been stories of mortals angering the gods, and gods angering the gods. How well do you know these stories? This covers mythologies from around the world.
10 Q
Jun 23 04
786 plays
16 Places That Never Were
Imaginary places that never existed. Do you know them?
10 Q
Nov 07 00
5910 plays
17 'O' My God..
OMG! There have been many deities over the centuries whose names begin with the letter "O". How many do you know?
10 Q
Jul 13 12
306 plays
18 A Prayer in the Night
While on your whirlwind tour of the world, you'd be remiss not to visit some of the local landmarks in the nighttime. Of course, for that, you'll need protection, and these gods of the night would be happy to oblige.
10 Q
May 22 13
240 plays
19 Man, Myth & Magic: Wands
As symbols of authority, the wand and the rod can be traced back to the staff of the priest kings and magician healers of antiquity. All materal is from the "Man, Myth & Magic" encyclopedias. How much do you know about the history of the wand?
10 Q
Jun 12 07
381 plays
20 Weapons of Yore
OK, so everybody knows the stories and legends of heroes slaying various monsters and villains...but can you tell me the names of the weapons used?
15 Q
May 07 02
1647 plays
21 Mythological Goddesses: Worldwide
Following are 10 questions about various goddesses who are an integral part of the Pagan tradition.
10 Q
Dec 06 00
1569 plays
22 Great Women in Mythology
The title sums it up - Throughout mythology there have been some tough, strong, loyal and brave women and this quiz will show you my personal favourites. Can you guess who is who from my descriptions? :)
10 Q
Dec 21 01
1593 plays
23 Tragic Love Stories In Mythology
Throughout all mythology there is one constant theme - love. Some people and gods were betrayed, taken advantage of, used and lied to but that doesn't take away the fascination for love in myth.
10 Q
Jan 13 02
1698 plays
24 Patricide or Regicide?
The quiz is based on real/mythical characters who killed their own fathers, who also happened to be kings. In some cases, there are contradictory rumours; I have stuck to the 'official' versions.
5 Q
Oct 16 02
792 plays
25 Name the Goddess
This quiz will test your knowledge of Goddesses. Have fun with it.
10 Q
Apr 02 06
738 plays
26 Legendary Weapons!
Weapons shape eras and destroy epochs! Here is a quiz on the weapons which are more famous than the famed mythological heroes who wielded them. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 07 09
492 plays
27 Cauldrons and Wells in Norse and Celtic Myth
A mystique surrounds cauldrons and wells in Norse and Celtic myth. Indeed, there is striking similarity between the mystic significance of the cauldron and that of the well. This quiz tests knowledge of tales involving cauldrons and wells of "power."
10 Q
Aug 19 02
564 plays
28 Myths - Fertility And Cultivation
Covers a range of different myths throughout the world.
10 Q
Feb 28 01
633 plays
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