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1 Cat Call - Top Billing Please
Cats are natural actors when they choose to be. Humans don't have this innate talent and struggle to match feline ability. Recognition of cat talent is confined to the bottom of movie credits and it's high time this was addressed.
10 Q
Jan 02 05
9735 plays
2 Galloping to the Cinema
Movies featuring horses as central figures (albeit usually with few lines) are a perennial favorite. Do you remember watching these horse-centred films?
10 Q
Nov 11 12
2580 plays
3 Pussies Galore: Cats in the Mewvies
Cinema-goers love a good sequel so please welcome the return of Kitty Kyle. This time, instead of countries and proverbs, he's roaming through time and movies. He'll find the cats. See if you can name the movies.
10 Q
Oct 20 09
8091 plays
4 "Dogs Die" Movies
I saw "Old Yeller" when I was eight and was devastated. I still can't watch any movie where animals are injured or die. It doesn't have to be a dog - any living thing qualifies. This quiz is a cathartic attempt to lay those ghosts. Kleenex ready?
10 Q
Feb 27 05
3969 plays
5 A Lion's Pride
Here's a pride of films featuring a variety of lions (not necessarily of the four-legged type)...
10 Q
Feb 08 12
4164 plays
6 Talkies With a Difference
Here are a few mostly family films featuring 'talking' animals. Try to work out the film titles from the linked information in each question.
Very Easy
10 Q
Aug 26 13
1953 plays
7 Dragons of My Youth
What child does not like dragons? Can you remember some of these childhood favorites?
10 Q
Aug 29 12
375 plays
8 Silly Rabbit!
Rabbits in movies? Who'd have thunk it? Well, apparently a lot of people. All of these films contain rabbits of one sort or another. Let's hop to it! (Note: No rabbits were harmed in any way during the making of this quiz.)
10 Q
Nov 19 05
2004 plays
9 Top Dogs At The Movies
To stave off boredom at Splash's Rest Home For Pampered Pooches, we sent Kyle The Kennel Boy to the local DVD store. See what you know about the 10 canine-related flicks he returned with.
10 Q
May 03 11
2232 plays
10 Snakes On Planes
I am the Snake. There is no denying I can evoke emotions whether I'm on the big screen at a cinema or the small screen of an in-flight movie. Can you identify the films in which I have displayed my hiss-trionic abilities over the years?
10 Q
Mar 12 11
3993 plays
11 Wolves of the Calla
As the founder and CEO of the CALLA (CAnis Lupus Leading Actors) Agency, I have had the pleasure of providing wolves for a number of film productions. Here are just ten of those films.
10 Q
Apr 18 13
297 plays
12 A Herd of Heffalumps
Big ears, long trunks and bubble blowing pink heffalumps all feature in this movie quiz. Anything else is irrelephant!
10 Q
Sep 29 12
384 plays
13 Barber Black Sheep
Haircut, make-up, action! These sheep have left the flock and taken up roles in Australasian flavoured films. See if you can win the prize ram or simply get fleeced.
10 Q
Dec 02 12
261 plays
14 Squirrels on Film
I'm Cece Sosquirrely, but please don't worry - this quiz won't rhyme, not this time! I am just back from Squirrel Fest, where I met some of the very best - each squirrel a celebrity, but can you guess in which movie?
10 Q
Oct 14 12
396 plays
15 Horton Hears a Why
And he says, "Why not"? Why can't we talk about pachyderms in movies, have they not made a massive difference to the following films?"
10 Q
Sep 27 12
627 plays
16 Spiders on Screen
A quiz about spiders who have featured in movies and movies that have featured spiders.
10 Q
Jun 17 10
501 plays
17 Movie Wolves
In graduate school, I rescued a wolf cub and named him Storm. He was the best companion I ever had and my fascination with the beautiful Canis lupus continues today. Can you identify these movies that feature wolves?
10 Q
Sep 30 12
549 plays
18 Animals in Movies
This quiz is about animals that are in movies. Enjoy! (Warning: Possible spoilers in interesting info.)
10 Q
Apr 12 08
2463 plays
19 Birds in Film
These films range from those with avian "actors" to films involving lots of birds. See if you can work out the titles of the various films from the information given.
10 Q
Nov 16 11
603 plays
20 Spineless on Screen
All the films in this quiz have one thing in common - they somehow feature an invertebrate of one kind or another. How many of them can you get?
10 Q
Jul 20 10
4602 plays
21 The Bear Necessities
All of the following movies feature bears, real or fictional. I'll describe the movie, you figure out which movie I'm describing.
10 Q
Oct 02 12
813 plays
22 Joy to the Dog
Dogs appear frequently in movies, sometimes playing a pivotal role and sometimes incidental to the story. How many can you identify here? Contains spoilers.
10 Q
Dec 20 13
609 plays
23 Dogs and Cats in the Movies!
We've seen quite a few dogs and cats owned by movie characters over the years. How much do you know about them?
20 Q
Jan 02 03
2520 plays
24 Animal Movies
This quiz is about movies starring animals. See if you know what the animal star is in each movie. Have fun and good luck!
10 Q
Apr 27 02
8439 plays
25 Monkeying Around In Movies
Everybody loves a monkey movie. Here are ten memorable monkey movies that you may have liked or hated.
10 Q
Sep 10 13
390 plays
26 The Hound of the Basketballs
This quiz is on both live-action and animated movies featuring animals that can play sports.
10 Q
Feb 21 12
291 plays
27 Animals in Movies Part Two
This is my second "Animals in Movies" quiz. Possible spoilers in the Interesting Info. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 28 08
1380 plays
28 Dogs In Movies
How much do you know about dogs staring in movies?
10 Q
Jul 29 03
3369 plays
29 Do You Remember Me?
I will give you some hints as to my name and what kind of animal I am. See if you can guess the correct answer from my clues.
10 Q
Nov 17 10
864 plays
30 Dog Breeds in Movies
I'll ask a question including the title of a movie; will you know the breed of the canine star? If you know your dog breeds and your movies, you could get Best in Show. Good luck and have fun!
10 Q
Sep 25 12
600 plays
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* Bugs Bunny's Oscar winning movie?
* What movie, starring George Kennedy, is a true story about the abduction of racehorse Carnauba who was held for ransom in Italy?
* What movie told the true story of the race horse and Melbourne Cup winner who died mysteriously in 1933 in America?
* What is the nickname given by the alley cats to the gorgeous Snowbell in 'Stuart Little'?
* In 'Cats And Dogs', our pets fight a battle of epic proportions for nothing less than world domination. Which actor lends his voice to the cats' leader, Mr. Tinkles?

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