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Wentworth Miller

Created by prisonbreak94

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Wentworth Miller game quiz
"This quiz is about my favorite actor, Wentworth Miller! Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was Wentworth Miller's character's name in "The Ghost Whisperer's" Pilot episode (2005)?
    Michael Scofield
    Sgt. Paul Adams
    Young Coleman Silk
    Ryan Hunter

2. What is Wentworth Miller's birth name?
    Wentworth Earl Miller II
    Wentworth Earl Miller III
    Earl Wentworth Miller III
    Wentworth Earl Miller

3. What university did Wentworth Miller graduate from in the year 1995?
    Harvard University
    Oxford University
    Princeton University

4. Which of the following is NOT part of Wentworth's ancestry?

5. What award was Wentworth nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series - Drama in 2006?
    Emmy Award
    Golden Globe Award
    Bafta Award
    Academy Award

6. What high school did Wentworth graduate from in 1990?
    Lincoln Village High
    Quaker Valley High
    Memorial Rade High
    Manor Perk High

7. What took four hours before every appearance on Wentworth's show, "Prison Break"?
    His tattoo application
    Shaving his head
    Remembering his lines
    Making the sets

8. In which of these music videos did Wentworth appear in 2006?
    "Say Something" by Mariah Carey
    "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey
    "Can I Get Your Number" by Mariah Carey
    "Hero" by Mariah Carey

9. Which movie did Wentworth try out for, but didn't get the part?
    X- Men

10. In which of these shows did Wentworth appear as a injured high school football player?
    Grey's Anatomy

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Compiled Sep 15 12