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Fun History VII: Who am I?

Created by trojan11

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Fun History VII Who am I game quiz
"This quiz is for fun so nothing too difficult. Simply read the rhyme to guess who the character from the past is."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "I'm trotting fast down leafy lanes, with tired soldiers and faithful Thanes,
One battle won but another coming.
Just watch me send those Normans running,
They're burning villages, there's smoke in the sky,
Well, you know what they say - an eye for an eye."
    Eric Bloodaxe
    Henry II
    Harold II
    William I

2. "I've lost my horse and I've lost my throne, now I'm surrounded and all alone,
Deserted by those whom I put in high place,
I die on this field, my name in disgrace."
    Henry Bolingbroke
    Richard III
    Richard II
    Henry IV

3. "Im nicknamed Bulgaroctonus and I'm a frightful sort of man,
I've destroyed so many people in this battle-weary land,
Think of Samuel and his Bulgars who, when I was elsewhere,
Sought to reclaim this Balkan land for his undeserving heir,
They faced me in a battle, where to their surprise, I captured fifteen thousand - and then took out their eyes."

    Basil I
    Basil II
    Romaus IV

4. "I wander lonely as a cloud,
Best thing to do to - avoid that Union crowd,
The armies fought well and the men were so brave,
But look around now, not one single slave!"
    Jefferson Davis
    Joshua Reynolds
    Abraham Lincoln
    Alexander Stevens

5. "So long ago my glory past,
Priests confounded me until, at last
I removed my people from their tuition
To found a new city and better their condition
For there can be only one god, a real number one
And Aton's the name, lord of the sun."
    Seti I
    Phosis II
    Hattusilis III

6. "I'm a king and I'm gay, but do I really care?
I'm the boss, I'm in charge so let the fools stare,
I'll need to get married but I swear by my troth, that that's really fine, I'll get pleasure from both,
The English and Scots in this rigid clime will find this Scots king of England is ahead of his time."
    Robert II
    James V
    James VI & I
    James IV

7. "The first king of my line, I'm gracious and kind,
I've a name like a biscuit but I don't really mind,
Famed for my tolerance and my belief in detente
Witness my masterpice, the Edict of Nantes
    Henry VI
    Charles IX
    Henry IV
    Loius XVI

8. "They fear me and tremble at my masterful shout,
Tho' I'm short and quite hairy and inclined to be stout,
I've outdone that barbarian Attila the Hun,
For thirteenth century conquest I am number one!"
    Genghis Khan
    Bashka II

9. "They killed me, those ingrates - for they could not see?
That this city, it's future was all about me,
They espoused the republic and despised the word king,
So now it would seem that my murder's the thing,
They dream when I'm gone that all will be well,
But there's much worse that's coming and history will tell."

10. "I smash 'em, I bash 'em, I crush 'em to dust,
Victory for me is an absolute must,
When I see opposition I don't wait till later,
That's not the way for an evil dicator,
The Poles and the Russians, they've all got to go,
Those Anglo-French weaklings some toughness I'll show,
Their soft skinned appeasement shall get them no more,
This Austrian fruit-cake will show them real war."
    Margarete Thatcher
    Adolf Hitler
    Saddam Hussein
    Wilhelm II

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Compiled Mar 12 15