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1 Who's the Baddest?
These ancient tyrants would like to tell you why they are the worst of the worst. You must figure out who's who, and then decide which one is the biggest baddie of all.
10 Q
Jan 06 09
35955 plays
2 Weddings, Beddings, and Beheadings
Some happy, some not so happy, and some downright unhappy events in the lives of some familiar and some not so familiar characters.
10 Q
Jun 03 07
6024 plays
3 Manifesto Destiny
What a wonderful privilege you've given me, Professor! We've been allowed to peek at some of the greatest documents in human history. As we very carefully turn the pages, I'm full of questions about what I'm reading....
10 Q
May 04 12
3273 plays
4 If They Made a Movie ...
For each of these historical questions, pick the movie title that provides the best answer. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 03 04
18369 plays
5 How Invertebrates Changed the World
"Mike and Row's Invertebrate Inquizitions" bring you ten instances when the course of history was changed by an invertebrate creature of one kind or another.
10 Q
Jun 25 10
5148 plays
6 International Triviabiz
Team quiz by Triviabiz
Triviabiz is a very diverse team, with members from all over the world! So we decided to write a quiz with a bit of history from some of our countries. Good luck!
10 Q
Oct 15 14
249 plays
7 Curled Up in a Comfy Chair
Potentates and dignitaries have sat in these "comfy chairs". So let's see what we can find out about thrones.
10 Q
Oct 02 14
363 plays
8 Man's Inhumanity to Man
Join me on a tour of some the outrageous acts that man has committed against his fellow man (please note that this is not a 'top ten' list). Sadly these examples are merely a drop in the bucket. It's enough to make you want to resign from the human race.
10 Q
Sep 07 06
19626 plays
9 In a While, Crocodile
My history professor told me that historians should never predict the future. The events featured in this quiz show how true this is!
10 Q
Jan 15 11
7308 plays
10 Unforgiving Lies of History
Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry? Vikings wore helmets with horns? Why would they do that? Well, they didn't. Find out who else has been lied about in history, and learn the truth.
10 Q
Jun 26 10
7890 plays
11 Tip of the Iceberg
Just as the part of an iceberg first seen is only a small fraction of the entire volume of ice, many historic events' first appearances in the news seemed innocent and quite small. See if you can connect these descriptions to the historic event!
10 Q
Jan 12 10
2994 plays
12 If It's Not True It's a Good Story
Some of the most famous stories in history have been partially or totally fabricated by storytellers. Here, Ralph the Llama tries his hoof at historical myth-busting, and attempts to identify how and why some of these stories came to be. Enjoy!
10 Q
May 28 10
3612 plays
13 Better Late Than Never
As it turns out, I'm not really reliable with times or dates. At least I'm showing up in the right place for these historic events (and with good intentions), right?
10 Q
Jan 16 10
3318 plays
14 The Best Quiz in the World...
...and other outrageous lies. Here are ten of history's greatest porkers.
10 Q
Dec 12 13
1290 plays
15 Famous Tweets of History
Who says Twitter is new and innovative? People have been tweeting about events since the dawn of time. Just look at some of these tweets from over the years and figure out when or where, in 140 characters or less, they were sent. Good luck!
10 Q
Dec 18 12
2466 plays
16 Amusing Quotes from History's Great Figures
Do you know these quotes from some of history's great figures? There's ten questions on them. Have fun!
10 Q
Apr 28 11
1941 plays
17 Love, Historically
Many historic people have been motivated by love, although not necessarily the romantic kind. This quiz covers some of them.
10 Q
Jan 11 10
8037 plays
18 Addresses of Historic Events
You ever get that weird feeling walking through a very old place, wondering about all that happened there through the years? Here's a quiz about some of those spots where something indeed happened.
10 Q
May 08 07
5877 plays
19 I Built A Time Machine
... and travelled back in time to take a look at what really happened at certain key moments in history. Unfortunately, I forgot the law of unintended consequences. (Thanks to Terry for the title and inspiration).
10 Q
Nov 25 09
2571 plays
20 Lies, Lies, and More Lies
History is filled with people who would go to great lengths to achieve their aims. This quiz is about some big lies, scams and deceptions foisted on people over the years. How many can you identify?
10 Q
Feb 11 14
825 plays
21 History as Explained in Music
Music has often been used to tell stories, and in many cases, those stories have been true. This quiz examines specific historical events that have been covered in music.
10 Q
Dec 19 08
4275 plays
22 It Happened One Night
It was a dark and stormy night (ok, maybe not stormy in all the cases) when these incidents took place. Take a look at some important historical events that occurred under the cover of darkness.
10 Q
Jul 05 10
2952 plays
23 Time Travel Through History
Let's take a journey through time to witness some major events we can only read about.
10 Q
Sep 12 06
9180 plays
24 A Site for Sore Eyes
Liz Lovelly got a new diary for her birthday, and has been enjoying penning daily entries about her favorite school subject - history. I'm sure she won't mind if we take a quick peek. Shall we?
10 Q
Oct 24 11
2787 plays
25 Infamy at Its Finest
Infamy, is of course, being famous for doing something horrible. I've tried to hit as many aspects of human experience as possible.
10 Q
Jan 17 10
3045 plays
26 Defiant to the Last
According to the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, "Character is who you are in the dark." The following questions deal with people who took a defiant stand in the face of powerful pressure to abandon their position.
15 Q
Aug 28 09
1809 plays
27 Five Places Paired
Since Britain once ruled much of the world, many places in her former colonies share their names with towns and cities in the UK. The questions in this quiz cover some of the history of the original place and its namesake.
10 Q
Jul 29 14
243 plays
28 Fall of Giants
It was Lord Acton who wrote 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Sadly, the twentieth century leaders in this quiz prove his point, but they all fell, either by death or coup.
10 Q
Jun 29 11
1077 plays
29 The Last Straw
The straw that broke the camel's back refers to a beast of burden so loaded down that literally one more straw will incapacitate him or cause him to revolt against his master. Can you identify these historical "last straws?"
10 Q
Aug 28 12
2148 plays
30 Unusual Habits
This quiz on "unusual habits" focuses primarily on clothing historically worn by monks and nuns in the Roman Catholic church, although a few questions call for broader knowledge of history.
10 Q
Feb 01 13
543 plays
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* What was the name of the highly prized sauce used on most food dishes by the ancient Romans?
* China was first unified under the Qin dynasty of 221-207bc, the tomb of the first Qin emperor Qin Shi Huangdi is located next to China's most amazing archaeological discovery, what is it?
* In Scotland, on the shores of Loch Shiel at Glenfinnan, stands a monument to mark an event in Scottish history. Which?
* By what name was London in England known before the Roman occupation?
* Followers of Islam are expected to adhere to strict Islamic precepts, what does the word Islam mean?

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