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An assortment of trivia facts on books, authors and characters.
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1 A Novel Approach To Novels
"Literick:" Use of a low-level literary form to describe a (theoretically) higher-level one. Can you guess the novels described by these litericks? Thanks to logcrawler for the Author Challenge!
10 Q
Jul 19 13
1728 plays
2 The Geek Interpreter
So you are a geek and don't speak any normal language any more? Well, don't worry - I have put some well-known literary works into computer code for you! (No actual programming skills required - just look at keywords distributed in the code)
10 Q
Feb 21 12
4197 plays
3 Loony Literary Limericks
Identify the author or literary character from these limericks. The harder examples will be multiple choice.
10 Q
Mar 28 06
7425 plays
4 Dramatic Moments in Literature
The title tells you all you need to know.
10 Q
Nov 14 01
9609 plays
5 Twit Lit
On Twitter, tweets are limited to 140 characters. What would have happened to great literature if Twitter had always been around? Wonder no more as you try to figure out what's being tweeted below. ("Great" is at the discretion of the quiz writer.)
10 Q
Nov 10 09
1764 plays
6 Popular Literature Old and New
The heart of this quiz is popular literature past and present. Many of these books have translated to the big screen.
10 Q
Feb 22 15
366 plays
7 World Literature
This quiz concerns books that are famous around the world and have been well acclaimed internationally. How many do you know?
10 Q
Feb 20 15
210 plays
8 Literary Analogies
The first two entities have the same relationship as the third entity and the answer. All analogies are related to the world of literature: authors, works, places, etc.
20 Q
Jan 24 07
3825 plays
9 A Literary Alphabet
You don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of literature to do well on this quiz--but an alphabetic knowledge will definitely come in handy!
25 Q
Oct 24 09
3792 plays
10 "Done into English": 1,000 Years of Translation
Translation is an under-appreciated art. Much of it may be hackwork, but for a thousand years the best translators have been enabling readers of English to understand and enjoy the world's masterpieces in that language.
10 Q
Nov 24 07
1020 plays
11 25 Centuries of Literature
Each question in this quiz covers a different century in the history of world literature, offering a little something for everyone.
25 Q
Oct 20 03
6039 plays
12 Read Any Good Books Lately? Here are a Few...
This quiz is about some of the greatest novels written during the past century. The titles were taken from The Modern Library's "Best 100 Novels" list. How many of these classics have you read?
10 Q
Jan 02 07
9177 plays
13 History Writes Itself
Simply by scrolling through classic literature (new and old) you can spot the trends and beliefs of the centuries. See what you know about literature and authors reaching back to medieval times all the way up to today. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 08 12
1107 plays
14 Things Are Getting Wyrd
Shakespeare had three weird sisters in the play we won't name - Terry Pratchett had the Wyrd Sisters. This quiz can be played if you're familiar (or a familiar!) with either. Enjoy the quiz!
10 Q
Aug 18 09
555 plays
15 Literary Timeline
Take this quiz to get the big picture! It will give you a feel for who wrote when, and it will provide an overview of many literary periods. But fear not; there are no specific dates.
20 Q
Feb 27 03
4047 plays
16 My 2013 Reading Challenge
I set myself a challenge in 2013 to read more novels, especially those I had skirted as a student. This quiz covers some of the best.
10 Q
Dec 07 13
942 plays
17 23rd-Century Literature
Come with me to the 23rd Century where some of our best known books have been re-written for these modern times.
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 06 12
2292 plays
18 Literary Haiku
Can you guess the famous work from the haiku given? I bet you can!
10 Q
Jul 02 07
2244 plays
19 Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck
There is a plot against me dear quizzers. Because certain people want to steal my badges I have been trapped inside several books, all of which see me in great peril. Please help me escape.
10 Q
Jul 23 11
1104 plays
20 You Expect Me to Buy This?
If you want a book to be sold, you have to give it a catchy title. Let's look at some authors that came up with some strange names to put their books out there.
10 Q
Feb 21 12
3927 plays
21 Trident's Literature Challenge
Think you know your literature? Test your prowess with these Literature GRE-inspired questions.
10 Q
Sep 16 11
798 plays
22 Fanfiction
The internet has given birth to a whole new genre of literature. How much do you know about "fanfiction"?
10 Q
Oct 06 04
1788 plays
23 Memories are Made of This
Team quiz by Pi in the Sky
Books can be like friends and provide us with some of our happiest memories. Let us share ours with you.
10 Q
Feb 22 12
4095 plays
24 Nemesis
Mark Twain famously described a classic book as "something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read". These books can be too long, too difficult or too tedious. Can you identify these classic books that are our literary nemeses?
10 Q
Jun 15 10
1155 plays
25 Stocking the FunTrivia Manor's Library
It seems that I have been put in charge of organizing the FunTrivia Manor's library. So I employ a few people to aid me in such an enormous task. Care to join me?
10 Q
Nov 29 11
840 plays
26 Well-Read, Long-Dead
This is a best-sellers quiz with a twist: the authors of each book in question have been dead for more than half a century. Works of non-fiction are not included.
10 Q
Mar 11 12
1749 plays
27 Literary Rejection Notices
"I regret the American public is not interested in anything on China", read an actual rejection letter to Pearl Buck, author of "The Good Earth". The following are rejection notices of famous works that I have made up- see if you can guess the work.
10 Q
Jul 25 03
5814 plays
28 Trident's Literature Challenge II
Think you know your literature? Test your prowess with these Literature GRE-inspired questions.
10 Q
Feb 20 12
399 plays
29 I Remember Reading That!
This quiz takes you through a tour of some of the literature you may have read in High School. Warning: This quiz contains spoilers.
10 Q
Aug 07 09
3624 plays
30 Mystery Men of Literature
This quiz is devoted to some of the more enigmatic figures of literature - authors whose identities are unknown, who disappeared without trace, who led eccentric or reclusive lives or all of the above. Enjoy!
10 Q
Apr 08 08
1755 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who is the author of 'The Great Gatsby'?
* Which of these people was NOT a character in 'Lonesome Dove'?
* Which of these is NOT a class of people in the novel, 'Brave New World'?
* What is the name of the main character from the book, 'Catch 22'?
* How many people are shipwrecked in, 'Swiss Family Robinson'?

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