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Play Mixed Human Body Trivia Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Human Tissue Types I: Epithelial Tissue
Part 1 of my Human Tissue Types series. Epithelial tissue is found throughout the body in various forms - take this quiz to see how much you know about it. At least high school Bio is recommended. Have fun!
10 Q
Oct 25 09
2274 plays
2 10 Body Parts with 3 Letter Names
Quick! How many body parts can you think of that have three-letter names? If you can't name ten, this quiz may help.
Very Easy
10 Q
Aug 18 11
8163 plays
3 Arduous Anatomy
Hey, this quiz tackles anatomy at a university level so it's no walk in the park! This just means it's a challenge so by all means, have a crack at it! Feedback would be appreciated!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Apr 18 07
6804 plays
4 Anatomical Eponyms
How well do you know your anatomy? This quiz is about anatomical terms which are named after people. I hope you enjoy this and learn something along the way!
10 Q
Jan 21 07
4686 plays
5 My Body is a Wonderland
My body is a wonderland, but I don't always understand, what's going on, what might be wrong, so can you please give me a hand?
10 Q
Mar 10 13
1536 plays
6 Anatomy Alphabet
Can you work you way through this alphabet of human anatomy?
25 Q
Dec 05 06
16401 plays
7 Substances of the Human Body
A test of your knowledge of the substances which control the human body.
10 Q
Jan 09 09
3714 plays
8 The Body Human
This is just a quick trip around the human body. Do you know where these body parts are located? Let's find out how well you know yourself!
10 Q
Dec 28 12
2817 plays
9 So Little Time
One minute really isn't very much time at all, but what your body can do in just sixty seconds is quite amazing. Take a minute to take this quiz and find out what else you were doing at the same time!
10 Q
Feb 13 11
1497 plays
10 Anatomy 1 to 10
This quiz is about human anatomy. I made it a bit more fun and challenging at the same time. Just take this challenge and find out.
Very Difficult
10 Q
May 05 11
2481 plays
11 Human Body Terminology
How well do you know your human body terminology? Each question either lists a definition to a term or asks you to determine an alternate name for the term that is listed.
10 Q
May 17 08
5421 plays
12 Kissing, Oozing, Flowing and Leaking
The human body produces, emits, oozes, leaks and expels an amazing array of essential bodily fluids.
10 Q
Feb 26 15
672 plays
13 Double Systems
This quiz is about body parts that are part of two organ systems. This quiz does not include the muscular system because many organs of the body are made of muscle.
10 Q
Sep 20 08
5478 plays
14 9 for 10 - the Human Body
Correctly identify the human body parts in questions one to nine and the initial letters will spell out, in order, the answer to question ten!
10 Q
May 09 13
2175 plays
15 Don't Know Much About Anatomy....
Fun, but possibly challenging, facts about human anatomy for those of us who have never studied it, but wish we had.
10 Q
Feb 24 15
381 plays
16 Anatomy Terms Beginning with "A"
All the human anatomy related terms in this quiz begin with the letter A.
15 Q
May 06 03
14544 plays
17 Human Tissue Types II: Connective Tissue
Part 2 of my series on Human Tissue Types. Connective tissue is the most abundant tissue type in the body - see how much you know about it! At least high school Bio recommended. Have fun!
10 Q
Apr 15 10
942 plays
18 SYSTEM-atic Biology
This quiz is about the various organ-systems within the human body, including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and nervous. Questions are three per system, and are scrambled. There is also one question on an extra system.
15 Q
Jan 29 07
3951 plays
19 Human Anatomy and Physiology
Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 18 08
7530 plays
20 Human Body Basics Part II
The second of the series, facts about the body you may find interesting.
10 Q
Jan 21 04
14418 plays
21 Human Science
Some assorted questions on the Human Condition
10 Q
May 01 01
11505 plays
22 Human Body Basics Part VI
The sixth edition of the quiz. I have attempted to make this one a little less difficult than the last several of the series, but hopefully equally informative.
10 Q
Apr 08 09
2823 plays
23 My Left Foot
We rely on our feet. Without them we can't walk, stand up, balance. So, some questions about your left foot (applies to your right one as well).
10 Q
Jan 21 13
846 plays
24 Human Body Basics Part IV
The fourth installment of basic human body facts, hopefully to educate and entertain.
10 Q
Mar 13 09
2604 plays
25 Human Anatomy
A very hard human anatomy quiz, unless you study anatomy, good luck!
10 Q
Dec 29 01
13527 plays
26 Human Body Basics Part VIII
Version #8; This series focuses on the normal structure and function of the body, and attempts to inform and entertain.
10 Q
May 19 09
2241 plays
27 How well do you know your organs?
Well... the title explains it all. Identify the organs of the human body according to the data given in the question, as you take a tour of the body!
10 Q
Apr 24 14
1155 plays
28 I've Got You Under My Skin
This is a quiz for romeomikegolf's "A (non) Musical Challenge". This quiz will take you on a journey of the human body, focusing on the skin and anything under it.
10 Q
Apr 04 10
1368 plays
29 Human Body Basics Part I
How much do you know about your body and how it works? This quiz is a sampling of facts about our bodies.
10 Q
Jan 20 04
12573 plays
30 The Musculoskeletal System
How much do you know about the musculoskeletal system?
10 Q
Nov 28 01
11118 plays
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