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1 I Have a Novel Idea!
Good poets and playwrights often try their hands at writing novels. Some succeed. Others, well, probably should have stayed away from prose. The authors in this quiz are all Americans.
10 Q
Mar 12 10
4929 plays
2 Mister Topsy-Turvy
Some of the greatest writers the world has ever seen have created some "worlds" where Mr. Topsy-Turvy would be most happy to reside. Can you identify the author or the worlds from the clues provided?
10 Q
Mar 06 12
2229 plays
3 Literary Sneers, Snits and Scandals
And not just cheap stuff about this or that famed scribbler who was really a drunk, a loony, a Trot or a recluse.
10 Q
Aug 11 02
3372 plays
4 Back to Front
You fell asleep while reading "Through the Looking Glass" and you have woken up on the other side of the mirror! You must answer the questions below about various authors to get back to the front. All of the answers are hidden in anagrams.
10 Q
Jun 03 13
771 plays
5 All About the Writer
A mix of literary trivia from long ago right up to the present as we meet some of the greatest writers and poets from around the world.
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
6 Author Identification: Style and Substance
Here are some snippets of information about authors and/or their works written in a way I hope will be reminiscent of their styles. Will this style and substance lead you to the author's identity? Play and see.
10 Q
Apr 29 06
4260 plays
7 The Call of a Farewell to Hard Travels
Remember Starbuck? Tom Sawyer? Ishmael? Ralph and Piggy? They're all nearby, either in your den, the library, the nearest bookstore or the local bookswap. All you need is enough time to decide who you want to spend a few hours with.
10 Q
Sep 10 09
903 plays
8 One Solitary Life
Each of these authors has a reputation as a reclusive character. Can you identify them from their works?
10 Q
Mar 12 12
843 plays
9 Eventually I Found Love
Eventually, these classics found love, but at one point, they were tossed aside or angrily dismissed by publishers. Can you recognize the book or author from its publication history? Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 02 12
735 plays
10 Deep Thoughts and Creative Talent
The works of one author are used in each question as clues to the correct answer. Most of these works are not their most famous, but each of these authors are well known although they come from different genres and times.
10 Q
Dec 31 13
477 plays
11 Jane in the Jungle With a Twist
My vacation is finally here, and I plan on curling up on the couch and delving into several good books. Perhaps you've read a few of those I plan on enjoying this week - but how well do you remember them?
10 Q
Oct 10 11
483 plays
12 "It was a Dark and Stormy Night"
"It was a dark and stormy night" were the first words of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel, "Paul Clifford", and they led to an annual contest to write a bad opening to a novel. Can you identify these other authors who have been honored with contests?
10 Q
Jul 08 10
891 plays
13 Finally! You Realize I Was Write
These ten authors gave detailed descriptions of events or inventions which did not yet exist. Looking back from the future, it seems they may have been write!
10 Q
Nov 26 14
351 plays
14 Literature and Authors
Some random literature facts. Some more random than others. Blame my English classes for filling my head with useless knowledge.
20 Q
Feb 19 00
13242 plays
15 Prose and Cons
Can you determine the culprits behind these appalling literary crimes? If you can figure out whodunnit from these reports, then perhaps for these authors, the writing is on the wall...
10 Q
Jul 22 12
771 plays
16 Who the Devil Wrote It?
When it comes to personifications of evil, the Devil is the worst of them all, and has long played a notable role in English literature. But can you identify some of the writers who have written about him?
10 Q
Nov 23 14
270 plays
17 Books You Shouldn't Read Before You Die?
This quiz picks a bone with the omissions in the recently released "1,001 Books You Must Read Before You Die." You need not have even glanced at that book to ace this quiz, however, which will be a general literature overview.
10 Q
Sep 21 08
3327 plays
18 Pick the Book They Didn't Write!
For each question, you are given an author and four novels. He or she wrote three of them, but didn't write the fourth. Which is the odd one out?
10 Q
Nov 19 14
423 plays
19 A Smorgasbord of Female Writers
This quiz contains questions about the lives and works of over twenty different female poets and authors. There should be something for everyone to feast upon.
25 Q
Feb 07 03
2469 plays
20 You're Lion to Me!
When you think of famous people born under the zodiac sign of Leo, the lion, you might think of singers and actors. This quiz is in response to an Author's Challenge issued by kyleisalive, so let's take a look at some famous Leo authors.
10 Q
Nov 28 11
852 plays
21 Don't Quit Your Day Job
This quiz is about authors who wrote as a sideline, or who were were famous in other fields as well as writing. In many cases these other careers were reflected in their literary works.
10 Q
Nov 19 14
360 plays
22 Chronicles
Chronicles: Accounts, biographies, reports, histories and papers. Here's a look at fiction writers who have turned their hands to non-fiction chronicles.
10 Q
May 18 12
288 plays
23 Short and Sweet Two
A collection of short stories and collections from around the world.
10 Q
Dec 15 14
252 plays
24 Authors' Dedications
Authors use the device of the dedication to express all kinds of feelings for others. This quiz takes ten dedications from the "Bloomsbury Dictionary of Dedications" by Adrian Room. The dedication itself often gives some kind of clue to the answer.
10 Q
Jan 28 05
516 plays
25 Rejection In The Modern World
Some great classics of literature would possibly be rejected by publishers if submitted now. Here are some modern rejection notes.
10 Q
Jun 29 13
711 plays
26 One Book Wonders & Second Time Flops
Nearly anybody can write one novel, or so reckoned D.H. Lawrence. A second novel, he opined, was "a step farther". These questions are about those who never wrote a second novel, or whose second novels were flops.
10 Q
Mar 28 09
930 plays
27 The Quest for the Holy Mail
All authors have had writer's block at one time or another. This quiz is presented in the form of different authors' fictional letters to God asking for inspiration to finish some of their better-known works. See how many you can figure out!
10 Q
Nov 14 11
567 plays
28 Sort of Truth
An autobiographical novel is not an oxymoron but a combination of real events stipulated as fiction. This quiz is about such novels and their counterparts, the semi-autobiographical novel.
10 Q
Dec 21 14
366 plays
29 Trickier Author/Novel Combos
You may know these famous authors, but do you know some of their less famous works? Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 06 14
246 plays
30 Let's Write a Book Together!
Authors often collaborate on books, or write books under several pen names. Here is a selection to identify.
10 Q
May 31 10
549 plays
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* Who wrote 'The Canterbury Tales'?
* Which of the following was written by Nobel prizewinning Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz?
* What German author won a Nobel Prize for literature in the 1990s?
* What play, starring a character named Viola, is William Shakespeare depicted as beginning at the END of the movie 'Shakespeare in Love' (NOT during the rest of the movie)?
* Under what king's direction was the King James translation of the Bible developed?

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