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A Guilded Cage

Created by Nannanut

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A Guilded Cage game quiz
"Another Guild quiz is about to be revealed. This time the phrase "A Guilded Cage" was the prompt. The response from our very capable members reveals a little about their individual interests and quiz writing talents."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1844, Hans Christian Anderson wrote a beautiful tale of two types of bird's song and the power of that music. The Emperor of China heard of the bird's gift from the poor and weary amongst his subjects for whom she sang in the green forest to lift their hearts. When he received a mechanical jewel-studded bird that could be programmed, he exiled the real bird until the mechanical one broke. He fell ill, and the real bird came to him to sing him back to life. Though he offered her a life of luxury, she preferred freedom and the only reward, his tears at hearing her sing. What type of bird was she?
    A whippoorwill
    A canary
    A cuckoo
    A nightingale

2. "Gild" is but one derivative of the Indo-European root "ghel", a root meaning "to shine". Which of the following words is/are also from this gleaming root?
    All of them

3. In the early part of the 20th century, this African American performer was the incomparable darling of the theater set. She sang, danced, and spoke flawless French. She was especially known for performing a song about a gilded cage while costumed in nothing but feathers and perched inside a golden cage. Who was this siren of a sister of the early 20th century stage?
    Josephine Baker
    Bessie Smith
    Billie Holiday
    Butterfly McQueen

4. Likened by one historian to a "bird [flying] into the trap", which queen sought help from a neighbouring monarch only to find herself imprisoned for almost twenty years and then executed?
    Queen Christina of Sweden
    Mary, Queen of Scots
    Marie Antoinette of France
    Isabella II of Spain

5. Their cage might not have been 'guilded', but it seemed to be the arrival of two caged lovebirds that triggered the strange happenings in the sleepy little town of Bodega Bay. What was the name of this Hitchcock classic that had people nervously keeping their eyes on the skies?
    Answer: (Two words)

6. "Goodbye, little yellow bird,
I'd rather brave the cold
On a leafless tree, than a pris'ner be
In a cage of gold!"
Thus sang Angela Lansbury, playing the role of a poor (but virtuous) Cockney chanteuse in the 1945 film version of this classic horror/mystery novel.
    "The Picture of Dorian Gray", by Oscar Wilde
    "The Mystery of Marie Roget", by Edgar Allen Poe
    "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", by Robert Louis Stevenson
    "The Phantom of the Opera", by Gaston Leroux

7. Though the gilded cage is usually a metaphor for the overprotection of women in the privileged classes, this simile has historically applied to some men as well. To wit, the heirs apparent to the throne of a vast empire were kept in a part of the royal palace called the "kafes", a high-security area under constant surveillance. Unfortunately, this custom gradually led to heightened paranoia and social isolation for the succeeding emperors, and many historians feel that this imperial gilded cage was a major reason for the empire's eventual downfall. What empire was brought down, at least in part, by its royal family's insistence on a gilded cage to protect its sons from assassination?
    The Roman Empire
    The Mongol Empire
    The Ottoman Empire
    The British Empire

8. Which British noblewoman was condemned to spend four years living in a cage hung on the walls of the city of Berwick?
    Isabella, Countess of Buchan
    Elizabeth of Berwick
    Lady Anne Neville
    Lady Mary Carlisle

9. In a popular song from the '50s, the singer says
"__________ bird, up high in banana tree,
_____________ bird, you sit all alone like me.
Did your lady friend leave the nest again?
That is very bad, makes me feel so sad.
You can fly away, in the sky away.
You more lucky than me."
What color was the bird to which he sings?

10. The song "She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage" was performed by a child star in the film "Glad Rags to Riches". Which young performer sang this sad song?
    Freddie Bartholomew
    Deanna Durbin
    Shirley Temple
    Judy Garland

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Compiled Jun 06 14