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An Italian Romance

Created by Arlesienne

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An Italian Romance game quiz
"You took an Italian class, and now you are able to order an espresso, to ask for directions and to buy the new Prada shoes. But are you (linguistically speaking) also ready for an Italian romance? Check it with this quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Some sweet nothings to whisper in her (his) ear. What about: "You have an enchanting smile"?
    Hai una sorella svenevole
    Hai un sorriso incantevole
    Hai un accento indecifrabile
    Hai uno sguardo ingannevole

2. If the object of your affection hasn't a spiky gel-hairdo (or, obviously, isn't bald-headed), you might like to express your admiration for her (his) hair by saying: "Your hair is like silk".
    I tuoi capelli sono come lana
    I tuoi capelli sono come seta
    I tuoi capelli sono come spine
    I tuoi capelli sono come paglia

3. To manifest your compelling desire to meet your beloved again, try with a forceful: "I must see you again!"
    Devo rivederti!
    Devo rivenderti!
    Devo rivalutarti!
    Devo rivelarti!

4. While you are languidly bobbing up and down in a gondola, or sipping an aperitif in front of the Pantheon, you can express the pleasure that her (his) company gives you with a simple but effective: "It's wonderful to be with you".
    ╚ stupendo stirare con te
    ╚ fantastico stare da soli
    ╚ splendido essere a casa
    ╚ meraviglioso stare con te

5. You are getting braver and braver, and now you even dare: "May I kiss you"?
    Posso batterti?
    Posso baciarti?
    Posso barattarti?
    Posso sbalordirti?

6. When cruel life separates you from your darling, you can send her (him) a romantic SMS: "I am thinking of you".
    Sto pensando al tŔ
    Sto pensando a te
    Sto pensando a lei
    Sto pensando al conto

7. If your longing for her (his) presence is unbearable, you can send an ardent, desperate message, such as: "I miss you like crazy".
    Manco per niente
    Cerca di non mancare
    Non manca un bel niente
    Mi manchi da impazzire

8. If you wish to impress her (him) with your literary prowess, do try with a romantic quote from Dante's Inferno: "Love, that denial takes from none belov'd".
    Senza speme vivemo in desio
    Lasciate ogne speranza voi ch'intrate
    Amor, ch'a nullo amato amar perdona
    Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita

9. If literature is not your forte, a more conventional sentence will help too: "I love you with all my heart".
    Ti amo con tutto il fegato
    Ti amo con tutto il cuore
    Ti amo con tutto il rene
    Ti amo con tutto il polmone

10. Alas! It was a wonderful interlude, but now you must part forever. A perfect romance needs a perfect conclusion, such as: "I won't ever forget you!"
    Potresti almeno portarmi all'aeroporto
    Ti scorder˛ nel giro di due ore
    Non ti dimenticher˛ mai pi¨
    Ti mander˛ una cartolina

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Compiled Jun 28 12