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Fantasy Character Creators

Created by JohntheBear

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Fantasy Character Creators game quiz
"The realms of Fantasy literature have created some truly memorable characters that we will treasure forever. This quiz is simple in layout: I'll provide the character name and maybe a brief description, you decide the author whose pen created him/her."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Garrett is a typical P.I.: trench coat, hat, billy club, magic potions, several quarrelsome girlfriends, and a dead man in one of his rooms with whom he consults on all of his cases. Oh...did I say typical? Sorry. Who was the author who first put Garrett on the case?
    Glen Cook
    L.Sprague DeCamp
    J.K. Rowling
    Mike Resnick

2. John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, has been immortalized in books, comics, comic strips, movies and several TV series. Although newer adventures of Tarzan have been penned by numerous authors, who was it that started the Ape Man swingin'?
    Jules Verne
    Barton Werper
    Edgar Rice Burroughs
    H.G. Wells

3. Runaway ex-King Jorian decided that ruling his kingdom was NOT worth the mandatory price of being beheaded at the end of his five year term. Deciding that his priorities lay elsewhere, he escaped as the apprentice of a magician who set him to stealing magical artifacts.
Who gave us the Reluctant, yet Unbeheaded King?
    Vonda McIntyre
    Simon Green
    L.Sprague DeCamp
    Anne McCaffrey

4. Stile was a jockey in a high tech world who discovered a parrallel world where his magic was supreme-as long as he could rhyme it up right or play it on his magic harmonica/flute/multi instrument.
This fantasy character, among others, made the creator an author with few peers. (pun intended)
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Stephen King
    Lord Dunsany
    Piers Anthony

5. Tasslehof Burrfoot is short, kind, loveable, and although he does not consider himself a thief, keeps finding interesting things in his pack and pockets-but he never remembers putting them there. What team of authors decided it would be wise for Tas to stick his hoopak into the Wars of the Lance and other momentous events on Krynn?
    Anderson and Dickson
    McCaffrey and Moon
    Murphy and Cochrane
    Weis and Hickman

6. Psychologist Harold Shea thought he'd follow his boss in skipping thru the alternate realities...but the logic equations only wound up dumping him at Ragnarok, and then the Realms of the Faerie Queen, and then...well, he just kept sticking his nose in the business of angry gods, werewolves and evil sorcerors. What author decided that Harold's PhD in Psychology was not really up these kind of challenges?
    L. Sprague DeCamp
    Robert E. Howard
    Isaac Asimov
    Robert Jordan

7. One of THE favorite characters in all of modern fantasy literature: Drizzt Do'urden the dark elf. Who created him?
    Richard A. Knaak
    Robert A. Heinlein
    R.A. Salvatore
    Margaret Weis

8. Lord Darcy is Chief Investigator for His Royal Highness Prince Richard of Normandy, solving crimes for the Royal Court, assisted in matters magical by Master Sorceror Sean O'Lochlainn. Who developed this evolution of an alternate history where King Richard survived the arrow and went on to found the Angevin Empire where magic is the ruling science of the age?
    Randall Garrett
    Keith Laumer
    R.A. Lafferty
    Fritz Leiber

9. This one is probably a gimme for any fantasy afficionado: Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser - who brought them to us?
    Philip K. Dick
    Ward Moore
    Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Fritz Leiber

10. Careful now, by Crom! All of the authors listed have written tales of the immortal Conan...but who started the sword swinging in the big Cimmerian's hands?
    Robert Jordan
    Lin Carter
    L. Sprague DeCamp
    Robert E. Howard

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