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'M*A*S*H' - 'Hot Lips and Empty Arms'

Created by thejazzkickazz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'M*A*S*H' - Season 2
MASH  Hot Lips and Empty Arms game quiz
"Finally an episode where Margaret gets to shine, unfortunately it could be her last. Hot Lips wants out of the 4077th, will this be the last we see of her? Not if the other 'M*A*S*H' regulars have anything to say about it...enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Mail arrives at the 4077th, and everyone is eager to see what items they have received from home. Frank gets a letter that seems amusing to him, prompting Hawkeye to ask if 'the good news from home' is that his neighborhood has become 'restricted'. Frank immediately denies such a suggestion by claiming that which of these resides just across the street?

2. Henry is very pleased with the package he has received in the mail. It includes some extremely racy films from a certain film company in Havana, Cuba. What is the name of this very reputable company?
    Chili Pepper Cinema Company
    Purple Pictures Company
    Monkey Business Movie Company
    Tobasco Film Company

3. Margaret is the hardest hit by mail call, getting a postcard from a friend who is enjoying a much more pleasant lifestyle than she is. Who is this friend that has recently married a doctor that once proposed to Hot Lips?
    Trisha Spaulding
    Carrie Yearwood
    Stefanie Millbarge
    Dana Foster

4. Margaret is so upset by this revelation about her friend that she immediately storms her way into the office looking for Henry. How does she refer to Henry when she asks Radar if he's available?
    Colonel Dunderhead
    Colonel Fuddy Duddy
    Colonel Chickenfeed
    Colonel Bubblehead

5. Entering Henry's office, Margaret is immediately disgusted by the film that he watches with Hawkeye and Trapper. After being berated by Hot Lips, Henry claims that the only woman he has to explain things to is his wife, who he describes in all but which of the following ways?
    Slightly pigeon toed
    $2,000 in bridge work
    Mouth breather
    Hourglass shaped

6. Hawkeye and Trapper seem almost disappointed to see Margaret leaving, and they make a peace offering by coming to her tent with champagne and a white flag. How does Hawkeye introduce himself and Trapper at the door?
    The Dukes of Wellington and Earl
    Chang and Eng Bunker
    Lord and Ozzie Nelson
    The Bobbsey Twins

7. Slightly inebriated, Margaret makes her way to the Swamp where she wants to collect her things from Frank while dropping off some of his possessions. What is the name of the stuffed dog she returns to a distraught Frank?

8. Among the things that Margaret collects from Frank include a scrapbook of a certain actress/singer. Who is the subject of this scrapbook that apparently Frank also enjoys?
    Judy Garland
    Rosemary Clooney
    Doris Day
    Ginger Rogers

9. Now stinking drunk, Margaret is in no shape to participate in an impending session in the operating room. Henry orders Hawkeye and Trapper to give her a quick cure for her drunkenness, this includes a quick shower and a shot of what substance?
    Vitamin B-1

10. Back in the operating room, Margaret performs to the best of her ability, and she seems very appreciative of the doctors. On the next table, Henry operates with Frank. Frank almost takes off Henry's pinky, thinking it to be what item?
    Shell fragment
    Discarded lap sponge

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