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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Created by eluxir

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Manufacturing Execution Systems game quiz
"MES software links the administration software to the production area, translating customer orders into production instructions. Most automation software companies, like Rockwell, Siemens, GE and Wonderware, have a MES (one s!). This is an introduction."

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1. Which is not a function of a Manufacturing Execution System?
    Register how and when the product was made.
    Know how to make a product.
    Send an invoice for the product.
    Plan when to make the product

2. MES translates an order (eg 1000 kgs of chocolate) into instructions for production machines. Which is not part of these instructions?
    Bill Of Material
    Personnel Specifications
    Equipment Specifications
    Programming Language

3. What is the set of production instructions called?
    Instruction List
    Production Manual

4. One of the functions of a MES system is keeping inventory. Which job is done by the MES system?
    Track the exact location of the goods in the plant.
    Calculate the value of the inventory.
    Purchasing extra stock.
    Know in which shop the product is sold.

5. Some MES applications also perform planning. Which time range is typically covered by MES?
    Hour / Day / Week
    Second / Minute

6. In order to produce something, the required resources need to be available and need to be planned. Which is not a type of resource?

7. Manufacturing Execution Systems are an emerging business in the food industry because American and European governments require their use.

8. A Manufacturing Execution System interfaces with many other software products. Which software has nothing to with MES?
    ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
    CRM - Customer Relationship Management
    SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
    WMS - Warehouse Management Software

9. Software systems have users. Who is a typical user for a Manufacturing Execution System?
    Production Supervisor
    Machine Operator

10. A difficult one! Of course some organisation is creating standards for Manufacturing Execution Systems. Which standard is related to MES?
    ISA S95
    IEEE 802.3
    ISO 9000

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