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Trivial Pursuit - The Game that Changed It All

Created by stuthehistoryguy

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Trivial Pursuit  The Game that Changed It All game quiz
"A romp through the history of the most popular trivia game ever!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ah, Trivial Pursuit! The game where eggheads who had been picked last for every team sport in their lives finally found themselves the most popular players in the room. In what year did this breakout boardgame debut?

2. In its classic blue box, the first edition of Trivial Pursuit wasn't a flashy addition to its owners' game collections, but it would soon become a familiar sight at parties and family gatherings all around. What was the official name of the first Trivial Pursuit edition?
    Knowledge Edition
    Genius Edition
    Genus Edition
    Canadian Edition

3. With the success of their initial product, the folks at Parker Brothers began issuing a series of more specialized editions, many with creative names. One example of this creativity was the edition devoted to sports. What was the name of this edition that sparked a near-death match between my father and me?
    Championship Sports Edition
    Home Run Edition
    Touchdown Edition
    All-Star Sports Edition

4. Another popular set of questions took a more unique tack. This edition targeted people born between World War II and 1960. What was the name of this collection?
    Baby Boomer Edition
    Woodstock Edition
    PostWar Edition
    Hippie Generation Edition

5. There was also a Trivial Pursuit edition dedicated to films - a wise choice, as a perusal of's rich Movies section will indicate. What was the name of this set?
    Silver Screen Edition
    Hollywood Boulevard Edition
    Celluloid Edition
    24-Frames Edition

6. In addition to sports and movies, Horn Abbott did an edition dedicated solely to music. What was the name for this supplemental box?
    Reelin' and Rockin' Edition
    Tunes Edition
    RPM Edition
    Players and Listeners Edition

7. One of the earliest supplemental editions was meant to open the game to a broader audience - namely the youngsters! The Young Players Edition was, in many ways, the best-written set in the collection. Without talking down to its young audience, this box of questions was able to level the playing field between parents and their kids. What color was the box for the Young Players Edition?
    Canary Yellow
    Baby Blue
    Ron Burgundy
    Rocket Red

8. Over the years, there have been several editions that have become even more specific than the specialized versions of the first few years. Which of these bastions of popular culture has had its own edition of Trivial Pursuit?
    The Music of Elvis Presley
    The Mr. Ed Television Series
    The Plays of Broadway
    The Star Wars Movies

9. By the time the fifth edition of the core Trivial Pursuit game came out in 2000, the categories had evolved to reflect a new direction in the game. Which of these was the only category to go unchanged, both in name and wedge color, between the first and fifth editions?
    Pink: Entertainment
    Yellow: History
    Brown: Arts & Literature
    Blue: Geography

10. Finally, which of these is a real Trivial Pursuit category from at least one edition?
    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Mountains and Molehills
    Medications of the Stars
    Your Mother Should Know

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Compiled May 30 13