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Miss Marple A to Z (almost!)

Created by JaneMarple

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Miss Marple A to Z almost game quiz
"Miss Jane Marple lives in St. Mary Mead, in England. She has investigated many cases. This quiz deals with the characters in the books, including the victims and murderers. It deals with the full-length novels only. Warning - spoilers ahead! Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A is for announced, and "A Murder is Announced". Who was the owner of Little Paddocks, where a murder is supposed to occur?
    Letitia Blacklock
    Bunch Harmon
    Amy Murtgatroyd
    Laura Easterbrook

2. B is for body and "The Body in the Library". What was the name of the Bantry's home?
    Yew Tree Lodge
    Gossington Hall
    Old Hall

3. C is for Sir Henry Clithering who first appeared in "The Murder at the Vicarage". He is the ex-commissionaire of Scotland Yard - a good friend of the Bantry's and Miss Marple. His nephew is Dermot Craddock, also in the police force. Which book did Dermot Craddock first appear in?
    At Bertram's Hotel
    A Murder is Announced
    The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
    4:50 from Paddington

4. D is for Reverend Caleb Dane Calthorp who appeared in "The Moving Finger". Miss Marple stays with him, and his wife, Maud, for a while. What was the village called?
    Market Basing
    St Mary Mead
    Market Drayton

5. E is for Lucy Eylesbarrow who appeared in "4.50 from Paddington". Lucy first met Miss Marple when Miss Marple was recovering from an illness. Which illness?
    Heart attack

6. F is for Rex Fortescue who appeared in "A Pocket Full of Rye". Rex was the first death in the book. What was Rex's job?
    Police officer

7. G is for Randall Goedler who appeared in "A Murder is Announced". He was a wealthy businessman who died before the book began. He left his vast fortune to his wife, Belle Goedler. Where did Belle now live?

8. H is for hotel and "At Bertram's Hotel". Something seems wrong to Miss Marple, when she comes to stay at the hotel. Nothing seems to have changed since she stayed there many years ago, although there is a distinct American presence now. Mickey Gorman was the commissionaire at Bertram's. How did he die?
    Food poisoning
    Run over by a car

9. I is for investigating. Miss Marple is assisted by various police officers during her cases. There is one in particular, who did not conceal his dislike of Miss Marple's interfering. Who was it?
    Sergeant Fletcher
    Detective Inspector Primer
    Inspector Slack
    Inspector Curry

10. J is for Conway Jefferson, who appeared in "The Body in the Library". How did his wife and his children die?
    Plane crash
    Mountain accident
    Car accident
    Train crash

11. K is for Molly Kendall who appeared in "A Caribbean Mystery". She owned a hotel, with her husband, Tim. What was the name of the hotel?
    Golden Palm Hotel
    The Imperial
    St. Honore
    The Majestic

12. L is for Lewis Serracold who appeared in "They do it with Mirrors". What sort of establishment has Lewis created, at Stoneygates?
    Mental Hospital
    Nursing home
    Reform school for delinquent boys

13. M is for mirror and "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side". Which poet wrote 'The Lady of Shallott', which is where the title came from?
    Alfred Lord Tennyson
    William Shakespeare
    T. S. Elliot
    William Wordsworth

14. N is for "Nemesis". Miss Marple reads of the death of Jason Rafiel, who she met in "A Caribbean Mystery". Rafiel wrote to Miss Marple, before his death - the letter was delivered after his death. He wants her to find out if his son, Michael, really murdered his girlfriend, Verity Hunt. What does Verity mean?

15. O is for overseas and "A Caribbean Mystery". Miss Marple is relaxing in the West Indies, but murder is not far away. One of the other holidaymakers is a Major Palgrave. How did he die?
    Blood poisoning
    Overdose of pills
    Blow to the head

16. P is for Poison Pen letters and "The Moving Finger". Jerry (Jeremy) Burton and his sister, Joanna, come to a quiet village. What was Jerry's profession?
    Code breaker

17. Q is for Doctor Quimper who appeared in "4:50 from Paddington". He cares for the Crackenthorpe family. What sort of poisoning did he think Luther Crackenthorpe was suffering from?
    Carbon monoxide

18. R is for Giles and Gwenda Reed, who appeared in "Sleeping Murder". What nationality was Gwenda?
    New Zealander

19. S is for "Sleeping Murder". What were the flowers on the wallpaper, in the nursery, in the Reed's home?
    Cornflowers and poppies
    Daisies and Dandelions
    Buttercups and Forget-me-nots
    Roses and Tulips

20. T is for "They do it with Mirrors". Carrie Louise, Miss Marple's old friend, had been married how many times?

21. U is for understanding - something Miss Marple is very good at. In "Nemesis", Miss Marple gets a message from beyond the grave, from Jason Rafiel. Miss Marple goes on a coach tour, and meets several interesting people. Which of these characters used to be a headmistress?
    Anthea Bradbury-Scott
    Miss Cooke
    Lavinia Glynne
    Elizabeth Temple

22. V is for Vicarage and "The Murder at the Vicarage". Which room was the unpopular Colonel Protheroe found dead in?
    Dining room

23. W is for Raymond West. He is Miss Marple's nephew. What is his profession?

24. No X so Y is for Yew Tree Lodge, which appeared in "A Pocket Full of Rye". The Fortescue family was a very large one. What was the name of Rex Fortescue's daughter?

25. Finally, Z is for Ella Zielinsky who appeared in "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side". What killed her?
    Prussic Acid

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