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93 years At Highbury

Created by doomed

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93 years At Highbury game quiz
"As a die hard Arsenal fan it came as a sad day when my beloved club moved from their home of 93 years (1913 to 2006) to a new stadium less than a mile away. This quiz is based loosely upon the last season at The Home of Football."

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1. Woolwich Arsenal had just been relegated from the top flight of English football in 1913, and were in serious financial straits. A move from South London to North London took place shortly after the relegation, but which astute businessman saw the dream and stumped up the 20,000 to buy on lease a plot of land from St John's College of Divinty, Highbury?
    Arthur Milton
    Herbert Chapman
    Henry Norris
    Jack Crayston

2. The stadium was designed by Archibald Leitch, who had also designed stands for Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton and Glasgow Rangers. The pitch was levelled, a new grandstand was partly built, and turnstiles and terracing installed all at a great expense. On 6th September 1913 Arsenal, as they were now called (previously Woolwich Arsenal), played their first ever fixture at Highbury. Who did they play on this historic day?
    Leicester Fosse
    Bradford Park Avenue

3. The final season at Highbury, season 2005-06, saw Arsenal play in the colours worn by the players of 1913. The 'redcurrent' coloured shirts were worn in the final opening day fixture (August 14th) at Highbury against which Premiership rival?
    Newcastle United

4. The final season at Highbury (2005-06) saw Arsenal play twenty eight fixtures at Highbury. Twenty one victories, five draws and two defeats were recorded in all competitions. Which two clubs had the distinction of being the last two winners at Highbury?
    Aston Villa and Middlesbrough
    Liverpool and Manchester United
    Chelsea and West Ham United
    Everton and Manchester City

5. European nights were a special occasion for Highbury. Its final floodlit match was a European Cup semi final 1st leg tie against which Spanish opposition?
    Real Madrid
    Real Zaragoza

6. Arsenal played a host of FA Cup ties at Highbury, and a number of semi finals had been played there also. In total Arsenal played 142 matches and lost only 18 of them. The final cup tie was a third round affair against, ironically, Arsenal's first ever Cup final opponents. Which club did they play against on January 7th 2006?
    Cardiff City
    Newcastle United
    Huddersfield Town
    Sheffield United

7. Arsenal over the years had given most sides some heavy defeats. Aston Villa were to suffer a 5-0 beating on April 1st 2006, but they did not leave Highbury for the last time with the biggest defeat of the final season. Which club suffered the 7-0 pasting that the Arsenal handed out on January 14th 2006?
    Birmingham City
    West Bromwich Albion

8. Which player scored the most goals at Highbury in an Arsenal shirt?
    Cliff Bastin
    Doug Lishman
    Ian Wright
    Thierry Henry

9. The last ever game at Highbury was a very emotional day ( I was present and I cried) for all concerned at the club; May 7th 2006 saw Arsenal play a team which was in the FA Premier League for the first time ever. Which club came to the party?
    Answer: (Two Words)

10. A new era arrived on July 22nd 2006 when Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp had the honour of having the first ever fixture at the new stadium. The Emirates Stadium took nearly seven years to build from the first plans set down in November 1999.

In 1989 at Hillsbrough in Sheffield, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives due to a terrible crush at the front of the Leppings Lane End. The consequences of this event carried football to another level and the 'Taylor Report' was announced stating that all football stadiums had to have all seater facilities. This meant that the terraces that many stood on had to be replaced with seats to provide a safer environment to all fans.

The last ever game at Highbury where the heart beat, the North Bank, was allowed to have standing room, took place in May 1992. Arsenal won the game 5-1 vs Southampton and a huge party as well as a demonstration took place. But one player showed the Arsenal fans that his heart was forever Arsenal by scoring a stunning hat trick and therefore winning the coverted Golden Boot for top League scorer for the season. Which Arsenal player was it?
    Ian Wright
    Kevin Campbell
    Alan Smith
    Paul Merson

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