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'King of the Hill' - Bobby Hill

Created by thejazzkickazz

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King of the Hill  Bobby Hill game quiz
"Many people who watch 'King of the Hill', including my wife, insist that Bobby Hill is the most entertaining character. It's hard to argue with that. This quiz is dedicated to him, have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Bobby Hill is clever, quirky and insightful. He is the son of Peggy and Hank Hill. Is Bobby (or Robert) his birth given name?

2. Bobby Hill is played by a female voice actor, which shouldn't be surprising for animated TV addicts. Who provides the excellent voice behind Bobby?
    Fran Brill
    Pamela Segall
    Leah Applebaum
    Sandy Fox

3. Bobby Hill is a perennial 13-year old. That being said, what is the name of the middle school that Bobby seems to endlessly attend?
    Tom Landry Middle School
    Davy Crockett Middle School
    Ann Richards Middle School
    Sam Houston Middle School

4. During the run of 'King of the Hill', Bobby has had several youthful encounters with girls, but none have been more important in his life than his Laotian next door neighbor. What is the name of this young lady who has been Bobby's girlfriend several times?

5. Bobby's best friend is the son of the next door neighbors, Nancy and Dale Gribble. What is the name of this boy who seems to be maturing at a much faster rate than Bobby?

6. Bobby's father Hank desperately wants his son to be an athlete, but Bobby never seems to have much success on any of the teams for which he plays. What sport does Bobby play that Hank actually disapproves of?

7. Bobby has expressed several different career aspirations during the run of 'King of the Hill', but one springs up more than any other. What is this intended career of Bobby Hill?
    Insurance salesman

8. Bobby Hill has had several occupations during the run of 'King of the Hill'. Which of these odd jobs did Bobby once have in a certain episode?
    Piano tuner
    Dog handler
    Rodeo clown
    Aquarium cleaner

9. The mildy rotund Bobby Hill is a connoisseur of many fine foods, but none seem to turn him on more than which of the following?
    Chicken wings
    Fruit pies
    Fried rice

10. And now for a final toughie: In one episode, it is determined by several Buddhist priests that Bobby may be a reincarnated lama. What is the name of this lama?

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Compiled Feb 08 13