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Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Created by ShadowOverlord

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Kirby Right Back At Ya game quiz
"Here is a quiz that has mixed up questions about the cartoon "Kirby: Right Back At Ya"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is the friend of Kirby that is a female?
    Meta Knight

2. Who is King Dedede's assistant?
    Waddle Doo
    He doesn't have one.

3. What happens to King Dedede's castle in "Fright to the Finish"?
    It levitates.
    It gets blasted.
    It disappears.

4. Who is the Star Warrior that appeared in two episodes and made a cameo in "Fright to the Finish"?
    Sir Arthur
    Meta Knight
    Knuckle Joe

5. What is a running gag in the show?
    Dedede's car getting destroyed.
    The gas station getting set on fire.
    There are no running gags.
    Parts of Dedede's castle being destroyed.

6. Does Nightmare, AKA Enemy, appear in an episode outside of "Fright to the Finish"?

7. What is the name of the company King Dedede buys demons from?
    Monster Enterprises
    Nightmare Enterprises
    Demon Enterprises
    Nightmare Co.

8. Does Kirby have a water ability?

9. Why do Bladeknight and Swordknight join Meta Knight?
    Meta Knight would pay them.
    Meta Knight tells them they'd live in a castle.
    Meta Knight thretens them.
    Meta Knight protects them from a demon.

10. What is the name of Meta Knight's battleship?
    Kirby Flyer
    Knight Battler

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Compiled Jun 28 12