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20th Century Monarchs

Created by Ro55no9

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20th Century Monarchs game quiz
"This quiz is about some 20th century monarchs."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Frederick VIII, king of Denmark, died in 1912. How did his family come to hear about his death?
    He fell through the palace roof right on to the dining room table
    They received his head in the mail.
    They were fishing by the river and his body drifted past
    He was found dead by the Geman police.

2. King George of Greece died in 1913. How?
    He fought a duel with his brother for the throne and lost
    He went mad. He thought he was a goat and killed himself
    He ordered two body guards to follow him wherever he went but was betrayed by them
    He was assassinated while walking alone

3. Kaiser Wilhelm II was a stern disciplinarian. He had his own sister, Princess Viktoria, arrested. What was her offence?
    She beat him at chess
    She rode a bicycle in public
    She was caught smoking in public
    She was found eating at a cheap and seedy restaurant

4. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was a cruel man and had a cruel nickname for king Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy. What was that nickname?
    Dwarf (because he was short)
    Booger (because he once had one on his face at an important meeting)
    Retard (because he was stupid)
    Yellow (because he was a coward)

5. King Alfonso XIII of Spain was riding his horse in a parade in April 1913, when an assassin fired at him and missed! But he had a second gun! What did the king do?
    Hid behind the horse that had been killed by the first bullet
    Ordered his guards to protect him
    Charged at the man and disarmed him
    Nothing. He was shot and killed

6. In 1903, terrorists entered the palace of the Serbian king and killed him and the queen. What did they do to the corpses?
    Chopped them up and threw them in the Danube
    Threw them out of an upstairs window
    Put them in coffins and had them buried
    Hid them in the palace grounds

7. Nikola I of Montenegro had an odd way of dealing with criminals. What was it?
    He was the judge. He sat under a big tree and they brought the criminals before him
    He gave them a 10 minute headstart and hunted them to the death with a pack of dogs
    He executed them all and let God decide who was guilty
    If a man had committed a crime he was given a second chance. If he committed another, he was killed

8. Tsar Nicholas II had a close adviser, Gregory Rasputin. In 1916 Rasputin made three predictions about his own murder. Which came true?
    "If I am killed by a peasant, the Tsars will rule for hundreds of years"
    None of these came true. Rasputin died of old age.
    "If I am killed by a noble, the Tsars will not be seen in Russia for 25 years."
    "If I am killed by a member of the royal family, the Tsar and his family will not last two years."

9. King Charles of Hungary lost his throne in 1918 and was banned from the country. How did he try to get back into Hungary?
    He pretended he was dead and was carried back in a coffin
    He rode in a train disguised as a workman from Portugal
    He gave the guards at the border lots of beer
    He forged an offical invite to the new king's coronation

10. King Zog of Albania fled from his palace when the Italians invaded in 1939. He ended up in Paris but, when World War Two began he was a target for Adolf Hitler's German troops. He fled to England for safety. But how did he get out of Paris with the Germans searching for him?
    He rode a bicycle and towed the Queen in a barrow behind
    He bribed an Air-force general to look the other way
    He travelled in a red Mercedes that was identical to the one that Hitler owned
    He travelled on a coal train hidden under the sacks of coke

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