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No commoners allowed here. Only quizzes on kings and queens, princes and princesses with the odd Emperor and Grand Duke thrown in for good measure. Good, bad and downright ugly, they are all here.
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1 World's Longest Reigning Monarchs
Let us travel through the annals of history to discover the most superlative and illustrious reigns of various monarchs throughout the world.
10 Q
Jul 25 00
6456 plays
2 King Twice Over
These people were all king of more than one country during the course of their careers.
10 Q
Dec 23 03
2856 plays
3 Other Princesses Named Charlotte
If you google the term 'Princess Charlotte' you'll likely get thousands of references to the great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. This quiz, though, is about the princesses who might have appeared in the top search results prior to her birth.
10 Q
Jun 27 15
93 plays
4 Reign of Love
Throughout history, royals often married for political reasons instead of for love, but there were exceptions. Here are ten couples who managed to pull off a romance, even if they didn't all make it to a happy ending.
10 Q
Mar 03 11
1290 plays
5 I Just Can't Wait to be King
Imagine waiting all your life for your chance to be top dog, with a throne and all the paraphernalia that comes with it. Then, no sooner have you donned the robes of state than your reign is over. Here are ten of the shortest serving monarchs in history.
10 Q
Apr 11 10
1530 plays
6 Interesting Royal Nicknames
Everyone always talks about rulers with nicknames like 'The Great' or 'The Magnificent', but less is said about others with much more interesting sobriquets. This quiz will provide equal time for those other fellows...good luck!
10 Q
Jun 16 04
2163 plays
7 Murder Most Royal
Murder, that most horrible of crimes, doesn't seem as if it should be connected with royalty, yet kings, queens and the lesser nobility have all done their share of killing, and been killed, from the earliest recorded histories until the present.
10 Q
Nov 15 09
1413 plays
8 Sultans of Yesterday and Today
Sultan is a title used over many years by rulers in Islamic states, sometimes equated to a caliph, but with claims to political rather than spiritual dominion, and sometimes more effectively governors than kings. Here are some sultans of interest.
10 Q
Jun 11 12
1209 plays
9 They Came From The East
The Magi, otherwise known as the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings, 'came from the East' at Christmas time. This quiz is about ten 'wise' kings, or similarly titled rulers, whose eastern credentials probably depend on where in the world you live...
10 Q
Jun 23 14
357 plays
10 Dig Those Crazy Royals!
Many Kings and Queens have been certifiable, even by the standards of their day. Others have merely been eccentric, addicted to something or in need of some serious therapy. This quiz covers all four kinds, from several different countries and eras.
20 Q
Oct 31 03
2784 plays
11 Monarchs, Mistresses and Murders
Some of the incidents referred to in this quiz may be familiar to you but I hope that you can learn some new facts while playing it.
10 Q
Apr 30 12
999 plays
12 The Madness of Monarchs
Throughout history, we come across ruling figures whose behaviour was considered anything but normal, so much so that even their staunchest defenders could not class them as being the full quid. Here are ten of them. (twitch, twitch)
10 Q
Dec 12 10
1848 plays
13 The Last King
Several former kingdoms and empires have moved from being ruled by monarchies to other democratic forms of governance. This quiz takes a look at the end of these monarchies.
10 Q
Jun 17 12
612 plays
14 The Character Beneath the Crown
Pick the historic ruler from the clues. I'll give you some rather lesser known facts about kings, queens or emperors of days gone by, and you guess from the choices who I am describing.
10 Q
Nov 23 03
1767 plays
15 The Princess Tried
The Princess Bride? Not all Princesses waited passively for Prince Charming.
10 Q
Oct 18 13
381 plays
16 To Marry A King
The women who, for better or for worse, married Europe's reigning or future monarchs.
15 Q
Dec 11 07
1407 plays
17 Monarchies Around the World
A trip around the royal world with questions pertaining to ten different monarchies...
10 Q
Nov 05 14
252 plays
18 That's Nasty!
I love my relatives but there's nothing you could do that would induce me to marry any of them. For royalty, however, family relationships have a habit of getting a little closer than for the rest of us are comfortable with!
10 Q
Aug 20 12
489 plays
19 Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Assassinations, coups, deaths and abdications are but a few reasons for the line of succession to be changed or interrupted. This quiz is dedicated to Polaris101's Author Challenge.
10 Q
Jul 30 09
777 plays
20 The Mistresses of Kings
This is my quiz on the mistresses of the Kings of France, England and Britain. I used the book "Sex With Kings: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry and Revenge" by Eleanor Herman for my research. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jan 08 09
516 plays
21 World Royal Families
This is a quiz about modern world monarchs and their families. See how much you know and what can learn!
10 Q
Apr 22 02
2637 plays
22 Modern Royal Families
This quiz explores the modern royal families of the world.
10 Q
Sep 03 07
1917 plays
23 Kings and their Kingdoms
How well do you know past Kings and their Kingdoms?
10 Q
Aug 09 00
5415 plays
24 Pharaohs, Tsars, Emperors, Kings and Queens
A simple quiz to introduce you to the different Pharaohs, Emperors,Tsars, Kings and Queens who left their marks on history.
10 Q
Nov 01 01
9474 plays
25 'Twas the Night Before....
I've been peeking through the diaries of some famous royals, looking at the entries they made the night before a momentous event in their life. History has proved some of their entries to be a little on the optimistic side!
10 Q
Feb 22 15
279 plays
26 20th Century Monarchs
This quiz is about some 20th century monarchs.
10 Q
Mar 11 07
1011 plays
27 Queens and Princesses
Female royalty! I will give the country the Royal in question is from and a brief description. You choose the Royal that fits the description. Have fun!
10 Q
Oct 08 08
2103 plays
28 King Again
A follow-up to my "King Twice Over" quiz, this quiz will again focus on monarchs who have reigned in more than one country. I hope you enjoy it as much as the last one and that it's not too obscure.
10 Q
Apr 28 04
606 plays
29 Royal Loves And Love-Affairs
No subject seems to be more attractive than 'gossip' about the love-lives of others. Especially celebrities and royals get our full attention. This quiz deals with some of the 'love scandals at the European courts' in the last five centuries.
15 Q
Nov 14 01
2643 plays
30 I'm Sinning in the Reign
Seems that sinful behavior runs rampant through many royal families. See if you can identify these royal sinners.
10 Q
Jan 28 14
675 plays
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* King Paul of Greece and his wife Queen Frederike were both descended from which of Queen Victoria's children?
* The members of this royal family are their Majesties Harald and Sonja, HRH Crown Prince Haakon, and HRH Princess Martha Louise. The country is a Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy, and the King is crowned in Nidaros Cathedral. Can you name the country?
* This country is another Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy, and the throne is occupied by Prince Hans-Adam II and his consort, Princess Marie.
* Sidi Mohammed is the monarch of this country: he has been on the throne since 1999. It is a Constitutional Monarchy, one of three in the area. What country?
* The House of Grimaldi has ruled this principality for about 700 years. Which is it?

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