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How Well Do You Know Russia?

Created by kharkiv

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How Well Do You Know Russia game quiz
"Sure, sure, I know you know the basics: the capital is Moscow, it's the largest country in the world, etc. This quiz isn't about that basic stuff. It is about the other aspects of Russia like movies, music, traditions, and food. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these is a famous movie that many people watch on New Years Eve in Russia?
    Ivan Vasilevich Meniaet Profesiyu
    Ironiya Sudbi
    Obiknovenoye Chudo

2. What are Russian pancakes called?

3. This is a popular Russian TV show. Young singers audition to come on this show. There, they get the chance to sing with famous Russian stars. At the end of the show, one person is elected by the Russian people to leave the show. In the end, there's one winner. What is this show called?
    Pole Chudes
    Fabrika Zviozd
    Bolshiye Gonki

4. On Christmas, Russians decorate a fir tree, put presents under the tree, and believe that the Russian Santa Clause will come to their homes.

5. This singer is often called the "Primadonna" of Russia. Who is she?
    Layma Vaykule
    Alla Pugachova
    Zhana Friske

6. Which of these is one of the most popular TV channels in Russia?
    Channel Two
    Channel Four
    Channel Three
    Channel One

7. These are famous Russian dolls. There is one big doll with an opening in her middle. Inside the big doll is a smaller doll and inside that doll there's an even smaller doll. Sometimes, there can be over 20 dolls, all inside each other. What are these dolls called?
    shatai boltai

8. All of these American TV shows have their version in Russia except one. Which of these shows has no Russian version?
    America's Got Talent
    The Amazing Race
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

9. What is the building where the Russian President lives called?
    Isakovskiy Sobor
    Kreml (Kremlin)
    Beliy Dom
    St. Basil's Cathedral

10. How old do you have to be to drink alcohol in Russia?

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Compiled Jun 28 12