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Anatomy of a Song: "November Rain"

Created by guitargoddess

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Anatomy of a Song November Rain game quiz
"This quiz is all about the lyrics of GNR's "November Rain", one of the greatest songs EVER, in my opinion."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "When I look into your eyes, I can see a love ________." What word(s) fill(s) in the blank?
    so strong
    so pure

2. "Because nothing lasts forever, and we both know _______
______." What do they both know?
    people can change
    hearts can change
    times are hard
    this must end

3. "________ always come and ________ always go." One word fills in both the blanks; what is it?
    Answer: (One Word, six letter)

4. "So if you wanna love me, then darling don't refrain. Or I'll just end up _______ in the cold November rain." What word completes the lyric?

5. Which is not a line in the chorus?
    Everybody needs some time... all alone
    Do you need some time... all alone
    Do you need some time... on your own
    Everybody needs some time... on their own

6. I know it's hard to keep ___
_____..." What is hard to keep?
    an open heart
    your mind occupied
    a man satisfied
    acting this part

7. "But if you could heal a broken heart, wouldn't time be out ___
___?" What fills in the blanks?
    to get you
    to harm me
    to save you
    to charm you

8. "And when your fears subside, and _______ still remain..." What remains?

9. "So never mind the darkness..." What line comes next?
    I'll be there to light up your day
    it'll soon all turn to gray
    it's right here that we can stay
    we still can find a way

10. "Because nothing lasts forever, even cold __________
_____." What is cold?
    Answer: (Two Words - come on, it's easy!)

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Compiled Jun 28 12