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People with Fishy Names

Created by FatherSteve

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People with Fishy Names game quiz
"There's something fishy about this quiz! It is about people who share their names with aquatic denizens."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Bass is the non-technical name of many different edible fresh- and saltwater bony fishes. Which Bass wrote the science-fiction novel "Half Past Human" (1971)?
    Alfred Bass
    Lance Bass
    T.J. Bass
    Ronald Jay Bass

2. A trout is a cold-water game fish similar to but smaller than a salmon. Which Trout was a U.S. broadcaster (a colleague of Edward R. Murrow) who announced the end of World War II?
    Steven Russell Trout
    Jennie Kidd Trout
    Robert (Bob) Trout
    Monroe Trout, Jr.

3. A catfish is a freshwater bottom fish with barbels around its mouth which look like whiskers. Which Catfish won the Cy Young Award for pitching in professional baseball in 1974, and died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1999?
    "Catfish" Keith
    George "Catfish" Metkovich
    James W. "Catfish" Cole
    Jim "Catfish" Hunter

4. A minnow is a small fish sometimes used as bait for other fishes. Who was Newton Minow?
    The scientist who discovered the law of gravity
    Olivia Newton John's first husband
    A former chairman of the FCC (USA) who described television as "a vast wasteland"
    The inventor of the fig Newton cookie

5. Whose portrait appeared on the last $10,000 bill issued by the United States Treasury?
    Salmon P. Chase
    James Whale
    Theodore Sturgeon
    Petre P. Carp

6. Which of the following was an Archbishop of Canterbury?
    Thomas Herring
    Marlin Perkins
    Richard A. Whiting
    Edwin Taylor Pollock

7. Hake is a saltwater food fish related to the cod. Which Hake was a 19th Century English poet who studied medicine but abandoned it for literary pursuits?
    Thomas Gordon Hake
    Edward Hake
    Alan Hake
    Herb Hake

8. Roach is a small freshwater food fish native to Europe and Eurasia. Which Roach was a famous American movie and television producer who lived to be a hundred?
    Archie Roach
    Harold Eugene "Hal" Roach, Sr.
    Paul Roach
    Clifford Archibald Roach

9. The Northern Pike is a lean, torpedo-shaped freshwater fish which lives in North America, Europe and Eurasia. After which Pike was Pike's Peak named?
    Albert Pike
    Kenneth L. Pike
    Lipman Emanuel Pike
    Zebulon Pike

10. Rays are batoids (fish which look like bats) and are related in many ways to sharks. They live mostly in salt water and are dispersed around the world. Which Ray made 37 films and was honoured by the Motion Picture Academy with a lifetime achievement award in 1992?
    Satyajit Ray
    Johnnie Ray
    Aldo Ray
    Nicholas Ray

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Compiled Jun 28 12