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"South Park" - "Night of the Living Homeless"

Created by rj211

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'South Park' - Season 11
South Park  Night of the Living Homeless game quiz
"Here's a quick quiz on "Night of the Living Homeless", in which South Park is overrun with homeless people. This episode originally aired on Apr-18-2007. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What did the boys want to play to which the homeless proved an impediment?
    XBOX 360
    Dungeons and Dragons

2. Who was credited with the idea of jumping the homeless?

3. In the city meeting to discuss the homeless problem, what was first suggested as a way to deal with the blight?
    wild dog packs
    public showers and bathrooms
    designer sleeping bags and makeovers
    rat infestation

4. How much money did Kyle give the homeless man?
    1000 pesos
    50 euros

5. How did Gerald Broflovski "become" one of the homeless?
    needed rent money
    needed bus fare
    house burned down
    house was being fumigated

6. Steve Garrett led a group of people to the Community Center roof, but Randy Marsh initially wouldn't let them through the door. To which homeless person did Steve say they'd "have" to give change?
    war veteran
    blind man
    pregnant woman
    wheelchair-bound child

7. What did the Homeless Advisor tell the boys the homeless turned change into?
    good credit

8. Confronted by a mob of homeless people seeking change, how did the Homeless Advisor kill himself?

9. Randy announced that the people on the roof would starve for lack of food. What had they been eating?
    Pop Tarts
    Top Ramen
    Donut Holes

10. Who did Glenn call when his phone got a signal?
    his parents
    the cops
    his wife
    the news

11. When the boys arrived in Evergreen, they were asked if they were homeless or homeowners. How did Kyle respond?
    "We are from South Park."
    "We are homeless."
    "We are nine."
    "We are homeowners."

12. Who had Dennis, the leader of the Evergreen men, discovered was homeless?
    the grocer
    the Mayor
    his wife
    his parents

13. How did Evergreen solve their homeless problem?
    bought them houses
    put them in jail
    gave them pets
    sent them to South Park

14. What was the important instrument for Kyle's plan to save South Park?
    a bus
    Mr. Hankey
    a hedgehog
    World of Warcraft

15. A version of what song did the boys use to lead the homeless out of South Park?
    "Streets of Philadelphia"
    "Personal Jesus"
    "Where the Streets Have No Name"
    "California Love"

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