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Kosher Jewish Cuisine

Created by RhinosNRoses

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Kosher Jewish Cuisine game quiz
"This quiz is about Jewish food from a kosher perspective."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You are serving roast chicken for dinner. The first course is borsht (beet soup). What will you use to garnish the soup?
    Sour cream
    A small boiled potato
    Chopped herring
    None of the above

2. What is fish yuck?
    Herring milt
    The gelled broth on gefilte fish
    The inside of the fish head on the Rosh Hashana table
    The eyes on a whole baked fish

3. What would you serve chrain with?
    Noodle kugel
    Gefilte fish

4. Why is potato kugel a popular choice for Friday night Shabbos dinner?
    All of the above
    Because it is light and delicate - not too filling
    Because it doesn't contain milk
    It is actually a religious requirement to serve it at that meal

5. Sometimes you can see the word "pareve" next to a kosher symbol. If food is pareve, what does it mean?
    It contains neither dairy nor meat products.
    It contains fish and/or eggs.
    It may not be served with dairy foods.
    It may be used on Passover.

6. Which one of these might be kosher?
    Avgolemono Soup
    Chicken Kiev
    Eggs Benedict
    Veal Parmesan

7. Which vegetable is probably the least popular for the kosher cook?

8. Which is not a blintze you would be served in a kosher home?
    Jam and powdered sugar
    Cheese with raisins
    Ground beef with onions

9. Which one of the following is not schmaltz?
    Chicken fat
    A very salty preparation of herring
    Something corny
    A Shabbos afternoon nap

10. What is the possibly lethal and well-loved (go figure) mix of overcooked beans, brisket, potatoes, carrots ( I must stop now) that is served on Saturday called?
    Pot roast

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Compiled Jun 28 12