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'Prison Break' Season 2 Quotes

Created by lincolnb

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Prison Break Season 2 Quotes game quiz
"This is a quiz about the quotes from 'Prison Break' season two."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who said "Freeze, I will gun you down Scofield"?

2. "It's the kid, he has it, I saw him this morning, I needed help, so we made a deal. He said he could dig, I told him where he could find a map"
Who was T-bag talking to?
    Michael and Lincoln
    C-note and Sucre
    Sucre and C-note
    Sucre and Michael

3. 'One man,_________, murdered not only John Abruzzi and David Apolskis but also the last fugitive he was assigned to chase. A man named Oscar Shales."
Michael said this but who was he referring to?
    Paul Kellerman
    Agent Mahone
    Bill Kim
    Brad Bellick

4. "It's nothing personal Paul". This was said by who?
    Michael Scofield
    LJ Burrows
    Lincoln Burrows
    Sara Tancredi

5. "That's your plan, to run away with the two most wanted men in America".
Sara said this to Michael in which episode?
    'Bolshoi Booze'
    'The Message'

6. Who said "Right there, that's where I put the bullet in him"?
    Brad Bellick
    Lincoln Burrows
    Paul Kellerman
    Agent Mahone

7. "I will gut you bow to stern."
Who was so angry they were contemplating murder?
    John Abruzzi
    Lincoln Burrows
    Brad Bellick

8. The line, "It's tough to go down swinging when you're locked in a box" was spoken by Michael.

9. "After that, if you want us to leave, we'll leave". Who was Sara talking to?
    Her Father
    Warden Pope
    The President
    Katie the nurse

10. "Sara, about before, me too". Michael said this to Sara at the end of which episode?
    'John Doe'

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