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The Basics of Backgammon

Created by sladeninj

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The Basics of Backgammon game quiz
"I was very surprised that I did not see a quiz on one of my favorite games, backgammon. This quiz will be on the very basics of the game. I hope you enjoy this."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many pieces, also called checkers, does each player have in backgammon?

2. Your pieces are set up on the point. What is a point in regards to the backgammon board?
    One of the 24 triangles evenly spaced on the board for your pieces to land on
    There is no such place as the point in backgammon
    The middle bar
    It is an area designated outside the actual playing board

3. The game of backgammon uses dice. How many dice are there in a complete, traditional backgammon set?

4. You have your checkers set up and you have your dice ready to roll. Who goes first?
    Both players roll one die. Whoever's number is highest goes first using the result just rolled.
    White goes first
    The player who gets their checkers set up first goes first
    Brown goes first

5. Your first roll is a 6 and a 4. How can you move these numbers?
    You can move one piece 4 spaces, then 6 spaces
    You can split the two numbers, moving one piece 6 spaces and another piece 4 spaces
    You can move one piece 6 spaces, then 4 spaces
    All of the above

6. Your next roll, you roll two 4's. How would you move your checkers for this roll?
    Move a combination of 3 checkers 4 spaces each
    Move a combination of 4 pieces 4 spaces each
    Move a combination of 2 checkers 4 spaces each
    You don't move any checkers, you lose your turn on doubles

7. You run into a problem. Your opponent has just bumped your checker to the middle bar. How do you get the checker off the middle bar?
    You lose one turn, then your turn after you move your checker to your point 24
    If you get a checker moved to the middle bar, you lose the game
    You can't move until you get all your checkers onto your point 1-6
    Roll the dice, provided that your opponent hasn't blocked it, you use one die to get on to your point 19-24

8. In backgammon, how do the checkers move on the board?
    They work up and down, starting at point 13 and ending at point 1 and home
    Clockwise, starting from point 13 and working to point 12 and home
    One person moves clockwise working to point 24 and home, one person moves counter-clockwise, working to point 1 and home
    They move up and down starting at point 24 and ending at point 12 and home

9. What happens if you cannot move either dice numbers when you roll?
    You have to move the closest checker to your home area onto the middle bar
    You roll the dice until you can move
    You lose your turn
    You move either one number higher or one number lower then the dice you rolled, provided you can move those numbers

10. How do you win at the game of backgammon?
    There is no end to the game. You move around the board constantly until someone falls asleep.
    Get all of your opponents checkers onto the middle bar; once all your opponents pieces are on the middle bar, the game is over
    Move your checkers into the home area and bear off before your opponent
    Block your opponent from moving; once an opponent can't move the game is over

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Compiled Sep 06 12